Geology and Geography Faculty

Name Contact Specialties
Philip L. Chaney
Associate Professor
Office: Suite 2046C
Haley Center
Tel: (334) 844-3420
Water Resources; Coastal Geography and Hazards
Robert B. Cook
Professor Emeritus

Office: Room 214
Petrie Hall
Tel: (334) 844-4891

The development of Geochemical exploration parameters for base and precious metals in deeply weathered terrains, mineral deposit evaluation, ore mineralogy, environmental geochemistry, water resources, and aggregate resources issues
Cyrus Dawsey
Professor Emeritus

Office: Suite 2046 
Haley Center 
Tel: (334) 844-4074

Physical and Cultural geography of Latin America; GIS and computer cartography; and migration in Brazil.
Richard Greene
Adjunct Instructor
Office: Suite 2046F 
Haley Center

Tel: (334) 844-3417
Cultural Geography with interests in the historical geography of the United States, the construction of cultural landscapes, and the geography of religion. Particularly interested in mapping religious patterns of diversity that take into account and more clearly depict local and regional variability.
Willis E. Hames
Office: Room 116-117 
Petrie Hall  
Tel: (334) 844-4881  
Geochronology and Petrology. Active research interests include measurement of geologic age with advanced 40Ar/39Ar techniques and evaluating the pressure-temperature-time evolution of earth materials.
John Hawkins
Office: Room 208
Petrie Hall 
Tel: (334) 844-4894
Geology Lecturer and STEM outreach
David T. King, Jr.
Professor and Director of Concepts of Science
Office: Room 115
Petrie Hall
Tel: (334) 844-4882
Dr. King’s current research interest is the effect of asteroid and comet impact upon Earth history and the stratigraphic record.
Ming-Kuo Lee
Robert B. Cook Professor

Office: Room 109-110
Petrie Hall
Tel: (334) 844-4898

Hydrogeology and environmental geology. Active research involves: (1) groundwater geochemistry and microbiology; (2) in situ bioremediation of metals-contaminated groundwater; (3) basin hydrology modeling; and (4) earthquake hydrology.
Ronald D. Lewis
Associate Professor

Office: Room 205 
Petrie Hall 
Tel: (334) 844-4886

Paleontology - The taphonomy of echinoderms and other invertebrates
Yingru Li
Assistant Professor

Office: Suite 2046G
Haley Center
Tel: (334) 844-4069

Economic/Urban Geography with interests in GIS and spatial statistics, public health, regional development, retail location, water quality and land use, and quantitative modeling.
Luke J. Marzen

Office: Suite 2046E 
Haley Center 
Tel: (334) 844-3462

Remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems, Land Use Change, water resources, biogeography, Weather and Climate
Daniel McGowin

Office: Suite 2046L
Haley Center 
Tel: (334) 844-3418

Cultural Geography with an interest in the spatial aspects of popular culture such as sports, music, and literature. Political Geography with an interests in identity construction on the cultural landscape (monuments, buildings). Regional interests in Taiwan, Japan, and the U.S. South.
Chandana Mitra
Assistant Professor

Office: Suite 2046J
Haley Center
Telephone: (334) 844-4229 

Climatology, urbanization and growth models, urban climate, climate change, South Asia-urbanization and impacts, sustainability, GIS and remote sensing, climate modeling
James Norwood
Office: Suite 2046K 
Haley Center

Tel: (334) 844-3414
James Saunders
Office: Room 105 
Petrie Hall 
Tel: (334) 844-4884
Geochemistry of metals in shallow crustal fluids, including groundwater, sedimentary brines, geothermal systems, and volcanic epithermal systems.
Charles E. (Chuck) Savrda

Office: Room 204 
Petrie Hall
Tel: (334) 844-4887

Trace Fossils (ichnofossils or biogenic sedimentary structures) and their use in stratigraphic, paleoenvironmental, paleoclimatic and paleoceanographic
Stephanie Shepherd
Assistant Professor

Office: Room 215 
Petrie Hall
Tel: (334) 844-4926 

Geomorphology, fluvial geomorphology, landscape evolution, anthropogenic impacts on river systems, GIS applications in geomorphology
Mark Steltenpohl
Professor and Chair

Office: Room 210D
Petrie Hall
Tel: (334) 844-4893

The tectonic evolution of continental crust within collisional mountain systems, particularly the Appalachian-Caledonian chain. He maintains active research in the southernmost Appalachians, U.S.A., and in the northernmost Caledonides of artic Norway.
Ashraf Uddin

Office: Room 202
Petrie Hall
Tel: (334) 844-4885
Himalayan Research Laboratory (HRL)

Sedimentary geology, including clastic sedimentology, sedimentary petrology, tectonics and stratigraphy, basin analysis and provenance studies of sequences deposited primarily in orogenic systems. He continues to work on generating mineralogical profiles of arsenic contaminated sediments at foreland basins of the Himalayas.
Lorraine W. Wolf
Professor and Director of Undergraduate Research

Office: Room 220
Petrie Hall 
Tel: (334) 844-4878

Undergraduate Research Program

Earthquake and controlled-source seismology and in the use of geophysical methods in engineering and environmental assessments.
Shawn Wright
Postdoctoral Fellow in Geology
Office: Room 101A
Petrie Hall
Tel: (334) 844-8631
Effects of impact cratering on planetary surfaces; fieldwork at several terrestrial impact sites; geologic history and composition of the surface of Mars and the Moon through remote sensing, rover measurements, sample analysis, and terrestrial analogs; comparison of shergottite data to remote data and analog shocked basalts for insight into bias of Martian meteorite delivery, including shock pressure and alteration.
Haibo Zou
Associate Professor

Office: Room 214
Petrie Hall
Tel: (334) 844-4315

Petrogenesis of igneous rocks; U-Th disequilibrium; ND, SR, Pb and O isotope and trace element geochemistry; chemical geodynamics; East Asian geology; time scales of magma chamber processes; volcanology; quantitative geochemical modeling; mass spectrometry, including thermalionization, secondary-ionization, and plasma-ionization mass spectrometry.

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