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For an Appointment

In general, appointments are not required to see an advisor.  Students are welcome to drop in and visit.  However, it is possible that your advisor will not be available if you drop in.  If it is important that you see an advisor at a specific time or you plan to drive to Auburn for a visit, please call or email an advisor to be sure that time is convenient.

For preliminary or final graduation checks, appointments are required.  Preliminary checks should be held one year prior to graduation.  Graduation checks require careful work to be sure they are accurate.  Please give us ample time to ensure that your graduation check is correct.  

For academic advising, make an appointment through Advise Assist. 

All students have an academic advisor in the Dean’s Office throughout their COSAM career.  Academic advisors are assigned by major and last name. 

All pre-health declared OR undeclared majors (all BMSC, UNSM, and pre-health IBIO and MCMB, except Pre-Vet):

Last names A-DA: Ms. Anna Traylor, 239 SCC,   

Last names D-HON:  Mrs. Anna Allen, 239 SCC,

Last names HOO-MA:  Mrs. Katie Cooper, 239 SCC,

Last names MC-N:  Ms. Meredith Jones, 239 SCC,

Last names O-SA:  Ms. Christa Stein, 239 SCC, 

Last names SB-Z:  Mrs. Anna Burchett, 239 SCC,

All non pre-health BIOL department students (IBIO, CONS, ECEB, MCCM, MARB and all PVET): 
Ms. Valerie Tisdale, 101 Rouse,

All CHEM majors:  Ms. Meredith Jones, 239 SCC, 

All AMTH and DISC majors: Mrs. Anna Burchett, 239 SCC,

All CHMA majors: Ms. Anna Traylor, 239 SCC,  

All ACTU and MATH majors: Ms. Christa Stein, 239 SCC, 

All BCHM majors: Ms. Meredith Jones, 239 SCC,

All MSLC and LBSC majors: Dr. Beth Yarbrough, 239 SCC, 

All GEOS and PHYS majors (PHYS, GEOL, GEOG, ESYS):
Mrs. Katie Cooper, 239 SCC,

For students who have not completed organic chemistry and physics looking for help with questions about professional schools, competitiveness, and applications, contact Mrs. Katy Crider,

For upperclass students, who have completed organic and physics, and are starting medical, dental, or optometry school applications, contact Mrs. Beverley Childress,

Last Updated: 05/28/2021