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Physics Summer Opportunities


Department of Physics at the University of Florida offers a 10-week summer research program for undergraduates majoring in Physics.

National Air and Space Museum Interns have a first hand opportunity to learn about the historic artifacts and archival materials housed in the Museum and to study the scientific and technological advances they represent. 

The Lunar and Planetary Institute offers undergraduates an opportunity to participate actively in lunar and planetary research with scientists at LPI and the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC). 

National Undergraduate Fellowship in Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy Sciences provides outstanding undergraduates with an opportunity to conduct research in the disciplines that compromise the plasma sciences in general and fusion research in particular.

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory integrating Research and Learning.  The research facilities offer users from around the world unprecedented opportunities to explore science at the extremes of magnetic field, pressure, and temperature.

National Science Foundation (NSF) Science and Technology Center at UCLA funded summer research opportunities for undergraduates.  Each center has a specific focus, but as a whole, the programs focus on such fields as the biological sciences, computer and information sciences, engineering, geosciences, and mathematical and physical sciences. 

 The International Institute for Nanotechnology at Northwestern University is accepting application for the 2012 NSF-funded summer internship program.  We have a strong interest in providing opportunities to candidates that demonstrate a strong desire to pursue a graduate degree in the physical sciences, engineering or medicine.

Johns Hopkins University Science Teaching Opportunities.  Seeking outstanding science teachers, professors, graduate students, and undergraduate students to work in our summer programs.

DePauw University: Science Research Fellows Internship Locations: Internships are becoming increasingly competitive as all colleges/universities are encouraging their students to obtain these important and valuable hands-on experiences. Apply early.

Cornell University-Center for Nanoscale Systems- This is an opportunity for you to  experience independent research in the rapidly developing field of nanotechnology at a leading academic center and much more.

Cornell Center for Materials Research at Cornell University -Each summer approximately 35 undergraduates from all fields of the physical sciences and engineering come from across the United States to participate in this 10 week program.  We cover everything from chemical synthesis to mechanical properties and modeling of engineering materials.

"Experimental and Computational Materials Research" at UAB. $3,700 for 10 week appointment and additional support for travel, housing and other expenses.  Opportunities for research in the following areas:  electronic materials, biophysics and biomaterials, nanomaterials, lasers and optical materials, planetary materials, high pressure materials research, computational materials research and biosensors.

New York University offers one of the largest, most vibrant summer programs in the nation. Nearly over 3000 students from other universities join 10,0000 NYU students to explore over 100 areas of study with NYU's prestigious faculty.

The WVNano REU site is in its fifth year of funded through 2012.  The research focus innanotechnology with applications to environmental monitoring, early disease detection, proteomic/genomic identification, and energy efficeiency.

The Southeastern Association for Research in Astronomy expects to host a "Research Experiences for Undergraduates" program sponsored by the National Science Foundation in the summer of 2012 in Melbourne, Florida.

The Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials(PRIAM), are sponsoring research opportunities for undergraduate students in materials Science and Engineering.

The Department of Physics, Applied Physics & Astronomy at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is pleased to announce its NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program for the summer of 2012. 

The Southeastern Association for Research in Astronomy expects to host a "Research Experiences for Undergraduates" program sponsored by the National Science foundation in the summer of 2012.  Each SARA summer intern will work closely with a faculty mentor at one of the 10 SARA universities.  in addition to observing with the SARA 0.9-m telescope at Kitt Peak in Arizona, the summer activities will include a number of social events and excursions, as well as workshops on observational techniques data reduction, current events in astronomy, proposal writing, job opportunities in astronomy, and scientific ethics.

The REU Program in Solar and space Physics The University of Colorado, invites current sophomore and junior undergraduates to apply for a summer Research Experience for highly motivated students interested in solar and space physics.  Working on projects spanning the field of solar and space physics, from instrument hardware to data analysis to modeling of the Sun-Earth system.

Summer Geoscience Internships for Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, and Others - GeoCorps offers short-term, paid geoscience positions on America's public lands, including National parks, National Forests, and Bureau of Land management sites.

NASA Student Airborne Research Program (SARP) - SARP provides students with hands-on research experience in all aspects of a major scientific campaign, from detailed planning on how to achieve mission objectives to formal presentation of results and conclusions to peers and others.

Keck Geology Consortium Student Research Opportunities - Each year the Keck Geology Consortium has undergraduate research opportunities for approximately 51 undergraduate students in a wide variety of geological/environmental science sub-disciplines and locations. 

Stanford University Summer Undergraduate Research in Geoscience and Engineering program (SURGE) - provides scholars with a research experience in a School of Earth Sciences laboratory or research group.  SURGE also prepares scholars for the process of applying to graduate school, and introduces scholars to career opportunities in the geosciences. 

The Physics Department at Kansas State University will host a NSF-funded Research Experience for undergraduates (REU) site for ten weeks this summer on Laser-Matter interactions at Atomic and Nano Scales.

The University of South Florida-Research Experience for Undergraduates in Applied Physics-Materials Physics, Biomedical/Biophysics, Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics/Sensors, Computational & Theoretical Physics.

Last Updated: 06/07/2016