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Below you will find a list of the most common academic policies and terms. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact your son/daughter's academic advisor, or consult the AU Bulletin:

Dropping Courses
Adding Courses
Grade Adjustment Policy (GAP)
Academic Warning
Academic Suspension
Core Curriculum
Double Major/Dual Degree
Grade Point Average (GPA)
Repeating Courses


  • Dropping Courses: Sometimes dropping a class is  a good idea for your son/daughter. However, rules are strict and any pattern of dropping can reflect poorly on them. Additionally, dropping below full-time (12 hours) can affect insurance, scholarships, and financial aid. Your son/daughter should check the academic calendar for the current term, to find the actual dates of each of the following rules:
    • First 15 Class Days - Classes dropped within the first 15 days of the semester never appear on your son/daughter's transcript. This is the best time to drop if necessary. Classes may be dropped via their Tiger i.
    • 16th Class day until Midsemester - Your son/daughter can drop a class online through their Tiger i account. A "W" ("Withdrew") will appear on your son/daughter's transcript for the class. "W's" do not affect your son/daughter's GPA.
    • After Midsemester - Courses may not be dropped except in extreme circumstances with the Provost's permission. Even with permission, dropping may negatively affect their GPA. Excuses such as, "I'm failing", "I'm changing my major" and similar reasons will not get them permission to drop. Make those decisions before midsemester. Have your son/daughter see their academic advisor if they have questions.
  • Adding Courses: Sometimes your son/daughter may want to add a course after registration time is officially over. Your son/daughter may also need to add a course if he/she is planning on dropping another. Students can add a class to their schedules online with Tiger i through the first day of classes.
    • After the first class day - Students may NOT add online after the first day. Your son/daughter must communicate directly with departments to get in a course after the first day of the semester. PLEASE NOTE: Although the university technically allows adds until the 15thday, departments may set their own add deadlines. Some deadlines are after the first day, some after the first week. If your son/daughter must add a class, they should try to do so within the first week of class. After that, they may find the departments will not allow them to add.
  • Withdrawal and Resignation from a Course: If your son/daughter wishes to resign from all courses for the semester, they should contact the COSAM Student Services office at 334-844-4269. If it is medically related, they will also need to contact the Office of Students with Disabilities at 334-844-2096.
  • Grade Adjustment Policy (GAP): The GAP policy is a way to help students in serious academic trouble. Here are the basics on the policy and our recommendations about how to use it.
    • You may use the GAP a maximum of 3 times on grades of D, F, FA, or U
    • The GAPPED grades will not be used to calculate the overall Auburn GPA.
    • The original grades still appear on your transcript.
    • If the course is required for your graduation, you must repeat it at Auburn. If the course is not required, you do not have to repeat it.

Although there are advantages to using the GAP in the right circumstances, for the average Auburn student, the GAP is of little use.

o   Adjusted GPAs are not honored by professional or graduate schools.  If you apply to those schools, you must report all grades, including gapped grades, into your overall GPA.

o   Honor societies, honors graduation, AU scholarships, and certain programs or majors (outside of COSAM), do not consider gapped grades. Your complete body of work at Auburn determines eligibility for those programs.   

For more information, contact the COSAM academic advisors at 334-844-4269


  • Academic Warning:This academic standing is imposed at the end of any term for which a student's cumulative GPA on Auburn course work is below 2.0. Students placed on academic warning, will remain on warning until their GPA is above a 2.0
  • Academic Suspension: This academic standing is imposed on any student who is on academic warning if BOTH of the following conditions apply

1.  The student's current term GPA is below 2.2 AND

2.  The student's cumulative GPA on Auburn course work is below that required for the designated number of hours they have earned as follows:



Hours Earned Required Min. AU Cumulative GPA
0-30 1.50
31-60 1.80
61-90 1.90
91 or more 1.97

Terms of Suspension:  The terms of academic suspension is as follows:

1st Suspension:  May not enroll in the AU or any other institution for a minimum of one semester. 

2nd Suspension:  May not enroll in the AU or any other institution for a minimum of two semesters

3rd Suspension:  Expulsion from university.

*NOTE:  A student on suspension may NOT take courses at Auburn University or at ANY OTHER institution during the term of suspension and apply the credit to their degree at Auburn.  Summer term does not count as a semester for terms of suspension.

  • Core Curriculum: To earn an undergraduate degree from Auburn University, your son/daughter must complete the requirements of the university's Core Curriculum. These courses are incorporated into the curriculum model for each degree program. The Core Curriculum can be found in the AU Bulletin.

  • Double Majors and Dual Degrees: Both double majors and dual degrees are possible, but the requirements can be complicated. Please have your son/daughter contact their academic advisor for more information.
  • Grade Point Average(GPA): In order to receive a degree from Auburn University one must have a: 2.0 GPA on all Auburn course work and a 2.0 GPA on the best attempt in all courses in the major (this includes any courses in the major that have been transferred to Auburn).

    **Note: This is a "C" average-not a "C" in every class.  However, professional schools typically will not accept "D's" for their admissions' requirements

  • Hours: All undergraduate degree programs require your son/daughter to complete at least 120 degree hours. Some degree programs are more than 120 degree hours. Regardless, your son/daughter is required to complete EVERY course that is on their curriculum model in order to graduate.

  • Repeating Courses:  Your son/daughter cannot repeat a course in which they have previously earned a grade of "C" or better without written permission from the COSAM Academic Dean. Your son/daughter may repeat courses in which they earn a grade of "D" or "F." Please have your son/daughter consult their academic advisor with more specific questions about repeating course work

Last Updated: 06/22/2016