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New Graduate Students

For our new Graduate Students

  • All new math and stat graduate students must enroll in MATH-7950-001, Graduate Student Seminar, in both the Fall and Spring of their first year.  New teaching assistants must also enroll in MATH-7950-002, GTA Training Seminar.
  • It is very important that you complete 18 hours of course work in MATH or STAT (other subjects do not count!) over your first year if you want to receive a Teaching Assistantship in your first summer or your second year.
  • If you are thinking of dropping a course once the semester starts, please see either your advisor or one of us before you do it. There may be consequences to your dropping the course that you do not realize. (For example, see the previous point!)
  • If you are planning to do a Ph.D., then completing sequences of courses is important. Prelim Exams are based on certain sequences. You can try the prelims as a Master's student too!
For our new Graduate Teaching Assistants
  • You will be allocated a mailbox in Parker 222. Much internal correspondence will be sent to your Auburn University email account, so you must check it regularly.
  • Photocopying for your teaching duties should be done in Parker 255 (the room opposite the computer labs on the east side of Parker Hall). Please do not use the photocopy machine beside the mailroom.
  • International GTAs must achieve a sufficient mastery of English to be continued beyond their first year in the program.  There is a course you can take to help: INTL-1820, Classroom Communication Skills for International GTAs.  You will need to register for the Tuesday/Thursday section so that you can take MATH-7950-001.

Last Updated: 09/13/2021