COSAM Impacts

Supporting Auburn University's Strategic Plan


Goal 1 - Elevated Auburn Experience

RNA Mini Symposium

Three students elevated their graduate experience at RNA Institute Mini Symposium


On March 4, these future RNA scientists presented virtually at the RNA Institute Mini Symposium. The event gave these students opportunities to share their research while also listening to other researchers who are encouraging graduate students to continue work in this field and make scientific discoveries with the potential for life-changing impact.


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Thomas Deskins

Elevating the Student Experience – Thomas Deskins


“The community and resources at Auburn University have allowed me to elevate my experience to work with equipment on the ISS,” Deskins said. “I am eternally grateful to the people of this wonderful institution and I am excited to see where this journey will take me.”


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Noah Yawn

COSAM’s Commitment to the Student Experience – Conservation and botany student elevates his Auburn experience finding extinct plants and seeking Alabama’s ‘plant wonders’


“I might say they are truly one of Alabama’s ‘plant wonders of the world’, said Noah Yawn. “They bloom roughly from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day, peaking around Memorial Day weekend, where large clusters of the lily send up dozens of large, white, fragrant, and spider-like flowers 3-feet above the shallow river shoals, opening in late afternoon and persisting for only a day each.”


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Student in Calculus I Class

COSAM’s Commitment to the Student Experience – Calculus I Blended Learning Option


“Only 50 percent of students are in the classroom physically each day and the other half attends virtually,” Selim Sukhtaiev said. “This way we can ensure we have enough room to have social distancing for students while still helping them learn this challenging subject.”


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Katy Crider

COSAM’s Commitment to the Student Experience – Katy Crider


"COVID has obviously changed what higher education looks like for much of 2020. This summer, Mrs. Beverley Childress and I strategically planned the fall semester pre-health events in a way that provides the education and support our pre-health students need and deserve while keeping health and safety as a priority," explained Katy Crider.


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COSAM Leaders

COSAM’s Commitment to the Student Experience – COSAM Leaders


“The things I appreciate the most about the COSAM Leaders include their dedication to the group and their enthusiasm for service. I have only heard of one or two instances over the past year where a Leader was late for the 7 a.m. biweekly meetings. That is impressive to me considering they have demanding academic schedules and are often involved in other organizations on-campus as well. Also, at the beginning of this semester in August, some of the Leaders, both returning and continuing, expressed their eagerness to get back to campus and be involved in the transition (whatever that may have looked like due to COVID) into the fall semester,” said Monica Baziotes, the co-advisor for the COSAM Leaders in the Office of Academic Affairs with Faculty Advsior Robert Boyd.


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2020 Rural Medicine Students

COSAM's Commitment to the Student Experience - Rural Medicine Students


“These students are critically needed in our state,” explained Lawrence Wit, professor emeritus in the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM). “In some rural communities, patients travel for hours to see a doctor. These students will help residents in small towns with a better quality of life and increased access to healthcare.”


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Bob Boyd

COSAM's Commitment to the Student Experience – Robert Boyd


“This fall semester, I have been continuing to engage with my students each week whether students are attending in-person or virtually,” Robert Boyd explained. “COSAM is committed to preparing students for rewarding careers or professional school even during COVID-19.”


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COSAM's Commitment to the Student Experience - Stephen Williams


"I am fortunate that my research has taken off and helps me stay on track to earn my doctoral degree in physics from Auburn University," Stephen Williams said.


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