General Parking

Download the AU Parking app. The AU Parking app provides real time information regarding the number of available spaces and location in certain lots. This should assist in finding an available parking space on graduation day.


All buses must park in the West Village Parking Lot located on the west side of campus. Buses are allowed to drop off passengers at the bus turn-in on War Eagle Way prior to parking in the West Village Parking Lot. Buses may not park in the Auburn Arena parking lot or the Beard-Eaves Coliseum parking lot.


All RVs are to adhere to the non-football game RV parking rules and regulations.

Accessible Parking

The parking lot directly leading to the Scholarship Entrance on the east side of the Auburn Arena is reserved for accessible parking on graduation day. A mobility impaired hang tag or license plate must be present to access this parking lot. Entrances to this parking lot are located on Donahue Drive and Heisman Drive.

Last updated: January 23, 2020