Where in the World is Auburn?

International Students

With nearly 1,500 international students, Auburn University’s student body represents more than 100 countries. Attracted by the university’s excellent academic tradition, friendly campus and commitment to worldwide service, Auburn’s international students actively contribute to the vitality of our community inside and outside the classroom.


One aspect of Auburn was instantly apparent to Ruhollah Keshvardoost after moving here from the metropolis of Tehran, Iran. "People here drive too safe," Keshvardoost playfully said. Read more

Students Abroad

Auburn University’s approximately 70 faculty-led study abroad programs provide students with first-hand learning opportunities in 36 countries around the world. Auburn’s new exchange programs allow students to spend a summer, semester or year abroad while paying their regular Auburn tuition rate.

Auburn Students Abroad

Auburn student Taylor Humm's Auburn abroad experience was the result of a couple of chance happenings. Whether it happened by coincidence or fate, she likely would not change the experience for anything. Read more

International Faculty

Auburn University’s distinguished faculty represents more than 69 countries, bringing the world into the classroom. Both international and domestic faculty members continuously engage on an international scale, developing research and collaborations with the world’s best institutions.

Yifen Wang

Not every professor would be willing to take a group of students to the other side of the globe for a two-week class, especially if the trip was scheduled for almost the entire winter break. Read more

Global Alumni

No matter where you travel, you’re likely to find an Auburn University graduate. Auburn’s proud alumni live in more than 96 countries worldwide.

Tony Chein

Tony Chein is an Auburn alumnus from Taiwan. He teaches at Meiho University in Neipu, Taiwan and is involved with Auburn's Taiwan alumni club. Read more

Spotlight on Service

Engineers without Borders

Auburn’s chapter of Engineers without Borders makes an annual journey to the Andes Mountains village of Quesimpuco, Bolivia, to implement projects such as crop irrigation systems and solar-heated showers for the developing area. Learn more.

Last Updated: August 19, 2016