The Best Jobs of 2014: Why Students Should Consider a Math Major

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Best Jobs of 2014:

1. Mathematician

BLS (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) Median Annual Salary: $101,360                    
Projected Job Growth by 2022:  23%                    
Jobs Rated Score (the lower the better):  63                    

Careers in mathematics are diverse and rewarding. Mathematicians rank among the more well-compensated in the 2014 Jobs Rated report. The field also has a positive outlook for continued future growth.

2. University Professor (Tenured)

BLS Median Annual Salary: 68,970                    
Projected Job Growth by 2022:  19%*                    
Jobs Rated Score :  73                    

Achieving tenure is a difficult milestone for those in higher education, but doing so is a rewarding goal. Many of the careers atop the 2014 Jobs Rated report require postsecondary education, and university professors are integral in giving students the necessary foundation to succeed in other careers.

* denotes BLS figures for all postsecondary positions.

3. Statistician

BLS Median Annual Salary: $75,560                    
Projected Job Growth by 2022: 27%                    
Jobs Rated Score : 96                    

Statistical analysis is of growing importance to a wide spectrum of industries, thus professional statisticians are in high demand.

4. Actuary

BLS Median Annual Salary: $93,680                    
Projected Job Growth by 2022:  26%                    
Jobs Rated Score :  103                    

Those skilled in mathematics and statistical analysis can find rewarding opportunities as an actuary. The career is challenging, and becoming an actuary requires passing a series of exams.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a very favorable hiring market for actuaries in the years to come, thanks in part to more Americans having healthcare coverage.

Last updated: 05/16/2014