Ashford to share birding knowledge at wildlife refuge and late-summer festival

ashfordDick Ashford, mathematics '66, will co-lead a trip to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge from May 30 to June 2 for the Klamath Bird Observatory. Malheur NWR is a world-renowned birding destination where participants will see bobolinks, sage sparrows and eastern kingbirds, and the area provides a breeding ground for the sandhill crane, Swainson's and Ferruginous Hawk and the prairie falcon, among others.

Ashford is the board president for the Klamath Bird Observatory, and he describes himself as a continuing student of birds and birding. A raptor enthusiast, he teaches a "Hawks" class at a local university and gives raptor presentations to community groups in both Oregon and California. Ashford is also the originator of the popular "Hawk Heaven" outings at the San Francisco Bay Flyway Festival. For more information on the trip to Malheur NWR, click here

Ashford was also invited to be the kick-off speaker at the 27th Annual Oregon Shorebird Festival taking place Aug. 23 to 25. The festival is headquartered at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston, Ore. For more information, click here.

Last updated: 04/05/2013