Andras Bezdek
C. Harry Knowles Professor of Mathematics

Research Areas - Geometry

Office: 344 Parker Hall

103 M White Smith Hall
Auburn, AL 36849-5319

Phone: (334) 844-6562

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Ph.D., Hungarian Academy of Science 2006
Ph.D., Eotvos University, Budapest 1999
Kandidatus Degree, Hungarian Academy of Sciences 1988
Ph.D., Ohio State University 1986
Ph.D., Etvos University, Budapest 1983
M.S., Etvos University, Budapest 1981

Professional Employment

Harry C. Knowles Professor, Auburn University 2012 - 2017
Scharnagel Professor, Auburn University 2003 - 2006
Professor, Auburn University 1997 - present
Associate Professor 1992 - 1997
Visiting Assistant Professor, Auburn University 1991 - 1992
Professorship, Math Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Science 1986 - 1991
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Calgary Summer 1989
Visiting Assistant Professor, Cornell University 1988 - 1999
Visiting Assistant Professor, Auburn University 1987 - 1988
Research Fellow, Math Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Science 1981 - 1984

Honors and Awards

Harry C. Knowles Professor for Research Leadership in Mathematics Instruction 2012
Dean's Award for Outstanding Teaching 2012
Auburn University Outreach Scholarship 2009
Scharnagel Professorship, Auburn University 2003
Alumni Award for outstanding graduate study, Ohio State University 1986
Renyi Kato Prize 1983
Bolyai Mathematics Associates Prize for Young Mathematicians, Budapest 1983
First Prize in Mathematical Competitions, Eotvos University, Budapest 1980, 1981
Second Prize, in National Competitions in Mathematics, Hungarian Mathematical Journal, Budapest 1972, 1974
4th Prize in the Eotvos National Competitions in Physics, Ministry of Education, Budapest 1974
9th Prize in the National competition in Mathematics, Ministry of Education, Budapest 1973

Professional Activities

Graduate Program Officer, COSAM, 2000-2005
Annual Y.E.S. Camp, College of Sciences and Mathematics, 2000-present
Annual Saturday Academy, College of Sciences and Mathematics, 2006-present
Organizer, Discrete Geometry Special Session of the 962th AMS Meeting, New Orleans, 2000
Co-organizer, International workshop "Geometry Festival", Ei.itviis University, Budapest, 1990, 93, 96, 99
Co-organizer, Discrete Geometry Special Session of the 926th AMS Meeting, Atlanta, 1997
Co-organizer, Geometry Week, Auburn, 1997
Member of the organizing committee of the international conference on Intuitive Geometry of J. Bolyai Mathematics Society
Departmental Award Committee, 2012- present
COSAM Outstanding GTAs Teacher and Advisor Award Committee, 2012- present
Member of the Graduate Studies Committee of the Department of Mathematics, 2009-2012
Departmental Advisory Committee, 2007- present
Mathematical Learning Center Committee, 2007- present
Member of the Graduate Studies Committee of the Department of Mathematics, 2000-2006
Member of AU's Professional Improvement Leave Committee, 1998-2000
Local organizer of the William Lowel Putnam Mathematical Competition, 1998- present
Auburn University representative of the Alabama Mathematics Infrastructure Committee (NSF/EPSCoR program), 1995-1998

Selected Publications

  1. Andras Bezdek and Braxton Carrigan, Tiling Polyhedra with Tetrahedra, Proceedings of the 24th Canadian conference on Computational Geometry, CCCG 2012, Charlottetown, P.E.I., (August  8-10) pp 217-223.
  2. Andras Bezdek, Wlodzimierz Kuper berg, Unavoidable crossings in a thinnest covering of the plane and of the sphere, in proceedings of "Yaroslavl Inter­national Conference "Discrete Geometry" dedicated to the centenary of A. D. Alexandrov August 13-18, 2012", P. G. Demidov Yaroslavl State Uni­ versity, 2012 pages 14-19.
  3. A. Bezdek and W. Kuperberg, Dense packing of space with various con­ vex solids, in Intuitive Geometry, Discrete, and Convex, BOLYAI SOCI­ETY MATHEMATICAL STUDIES Vol. 24 (Edts: Imre Baniny, Karoly J. Boroczky, Gabor Fejes T6th, Janos Pach) Springer, 389 p., 2013, pp.1-26.
  4. A. Bezdek and T. Bisztriczky, Finding equal-diameter triangulations in a polygon, zur Algebra und Geometric, 2013, p. 1-9 submit­ ted/pending. - 9 oldal -
  5. A. Bezdek and C. Braxton, Finding non-triangulable polyhedra by tiling with tetrahedra, Journal of Computational Geometry, 2013, p. 1-14 sub­ mitted/pending. - 14 oldal -

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