Prospective Students


I am always interested in recruiting bright, motivated students and typically take on 1-2 students each year.  Those working in my lab are expected to generate their own projects.  I do not provide students with projects because this usually stifles their scientific curiosity and because I find that my students ask much more interesting questions than I do!  Typically, there are more applicants for entry into my lab than I can accept, so the competition is stiff.  Those interested in entering my lab need to apply to the Department of Biological Sciences (see departmental web page) before Feb 1.

During the first week of February, I select the application(s) that I will sponsor.  Those not chosen are informed of my decision so they can withdraw their applications and avoid the application fee required by the Graduate School.  Once I sign my support of an applicant, the file is sent to the Graduate Admissions Committee of the Department of Biological Sciences for evaluation.  This committee screens applicants and assigns teaching assistantships (TA).  TA assignments are guaranteed for two years for masters students and five years for doctoral students.  Generally, new TA assignments are offered starting in mid-February (for students beginning their programs the following fall semester) and high GRE scores are needed for selection.  Most students score 1100 or better for verbal + quantitative and have a GPA of 3.4 or better.

If you are selected for a TA assignment, then this completes the admissions process for getting into my lab.  Most students teach for a year, while taking courses and establishing their research program.  Then we work towards finding support for the research project.  This may be in the form of a graduate research assistantship on one of my funded research projects or a grant that the student garners.