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The Big Picture
We’re trying something new this year.

Instead of having a list of events like in the past, we have made a Google Calendar that keeps everything nicely organized and can be accessed by everybody!

A general list will still be kept, but hopefully the calendar helps people to see if they can attend more easily.

If you have anything you would like to be added, or think others would like to know about, please email Catia Irons at cai0001@auburn.edu

Click the cute animal calendar below to go to the main calendar:
Things Coming Up

Welcome back to another semester! Be sure to wish those applying to vet school luck on all of the interviews they have coming up!

January 20 - Vet School Pannel Meeting
                                7:00 PM @ Rouse 112
                                Pizza will be provided

February 3 - Dr. Puckett
                                7:00 PM @ Rouse 112
                                Snacks will be provided

February 20 - EV Smith Dairy
                                Meet @ 12:30 PM to go help out at Auburn's Dairy

March 6 - K911 Trip

March 15-19 - SPRING BREAK!

March 27th - Storybook Farms
                                9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

March 31 - Dr. Hendrix - Army Veterinary Corps (AVMA)
                                7:00 PM @ Rouse 112
                                Snacks will be provided

April 8-11 Vet School Conference

April 14 - Officer Elections and Officer VMCAS Meeting
                                7:00 PM @ Rouse 112
                                Snacks will be provided

April 24 - Vet School Open House

April 28 - End of the Year Party
                                Ham Wilson Livestock Arena
                                Food will be provided

Last updated: 08/19/2010