About PPC


The Pre-Pharmacy Club (PPC) was started in 2000 as a Mentoring Program, then in 2001 it started meeting as a club. In 2003, the club applied for official membership from the Student Government Association (SGA) and in December, it became an official club. The Peer Mentoring Program is still a very important part of the PPC. In this program, upper classmen (Mentors) give advice, answer questions, and coordinate activities with freshman and transfer students (Mentees). The PPC is involved in many philanthropies such as Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army, Mercy Medical, and Toys for Tots. The club also participates in activities sponsored by Alpha Epsilon Delta, the Pre-Health Honor Society. These include special volunteer days and making cards at Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day to give to people in assisted living homes. The PPC makes sure that there are plenty of volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

The primary purpose of this organization is to help pre-pharmacy students become competitive applicants to pharmacy school, to promote the profession of pharmacy, to provide service to the Auburn community, and to cultivate friendship and cooperation among its members. The Pre-Pharmacy Club membership is made up of Auburn University undergraduate students.

These goals shall be achieved through regular monthly meetings as well as special activities and projects throughout the year. These projects include several volunteer events and opportunities such as Habitat for Humanity and IMPACT, and philanthropies such as Ronald McDonald House Pop Tops, Toys for Tots, food drives, and blood drives. The Pre-Pharmacy Club’s special philanthropy is raising money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Our utmost importance is focused on the Mentoring Program in which freshman and new students are assigned a mentor to help gain insight into the profession of pharmacy and the life of a college student.


Last updated: 01/26/2010