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Rural Medicine Program InformationStudents who are interested in applying to the program must complete the application which can be found at the following site: 

Also, you must submit a timely AMCAS application (found at the website above). It is best if applicants take the MCAT as soon as possible. There is the possibility of being conditionally accepted into the program if an individual has a 24 or higher on the ACT. However, at least a 24 is required on the MCAT to matriculate to the School of Medicine. Successful applicants to this program must be able to demonstrate a rural background and a sincere interest in practicing medicine in a rural community.

Rural Medicine Program Information Students selected for the program will enter the UASOM after spending two semesters on the Auburn campus where you will complete the RMP. The program is designed to increase students’ academic preparation by exposing you to issues facing rural communities in general and issues facing rural physicians in particular.  Also, extensive, organized “shadowing” of rural physicians and other activities will be required in the program.

After successfully completing the program, participants will enter the UASOM where you will complete the first two basic-science years in Birmingham. The final two clinical years of medical school must be completed at the University of Alabama School of Medicine-Huntsville Regional Medical Campus.

Last updated: 07/13/2017