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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What majors are offered in the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM)?

A: A list of majors as well as what courses are required for each major in COSAM can be found on our Curriculum Models page.


Q: I have AP/ IB credit, how do I know what course credit I will receive at AU?

A: An Advanced Placement (AP) Credit Table is available here. You can see what credit you will receive according to which test you took and the score you earned.


Q: I am interested in taking courses before attending Auburn and/or while attending Auburn, how can I tell what courses will transfer?

A:  A list of transferrable courses can be found on our Transfer Equivalency Table. If you are unable to find the specific institution or course you’d like to take, you should contact your academic advisor based on your last name for further help.


Q: Can course credit from another institution apply towards my degree at Auburn?

A: Yes, with approval, course credit from another institution can apply towards your degree progress at AU as long as transferred credits do not exceed the following:

  • No more than ½ of your degree can be from a 2-year institution
  • No more than ¾ of your degree can be from a 4-year institution


Q: Can I take courses at another institution while at AU?

A: Yes, you can take courses at other institutions while at Auburn as long as you complete a transient form on Tigeri and do not exceed the following:

  • No more than ½ of your degree can be from a 2-year institution
  • No more than ¾ of your degree can be from a 4-year institution


Q: If I have taken credit from another institution, how do I transfer that credit to AU?

A:  In order to receive credit for coursework taken from another institution, you must have your official transcript sent from that institution to Auburn University Admissions and Records, 108 Mary Martin Hall, Auburn University, 36849.


Q: I am interested in a major in COSAM, but what I can do with that major other than professional/graduate school?

A: A list of majors along with employers, employment areas and employment information/strategies can be found through the AU Career Center. The career center also offers walk-in hours, appointments, job fairs and more to help you once you attend AU.


Q: Who will be my AU COSAM Academic Advisor?

A: Academic Advisors in COSAM are determined by your last name, the breakdown is as follows:

Dr. Beth Yarbrough


Richard Greene


Katie Cooper


Meredith Jones


Anna Burchett


For more information about academic advising in COSAM, visit the Advising in COSAM page


Q: Where can I find my advisor?

A: We are located in 239 Sciences Center Classrooms Building. We are on the 2nd floor right off the elevator to your left through the double doors. Feel free to stop by anytime Monday-Friday from 7:45-11:45am or 12:45-4:45pm


Q: When is it necessary for me to schedule an appointment with my advisor?

A: In general, appointments are not required to see an advisor. Students are welcome to drop in and visit. However, it is possible that your advisor will not be available if you drop in. If it is important that you see an advisor at a specific time or you plan to drive to Auburn for a visit, please call or email an advisor to be sure that time is convenient. For preliminary or final graduation checks, appointments are required. Preliminary checks should be held one year prior to graduation. Graduation checks require careful work to be sure they are accurate. Please give us ample time to ensure that your graduation check is correct. Email or call your academic advisor for an appointment.


Q: When do I receive a faculty advisor and what does he/she do?

A: After the freshman year, students in good academic standing, who have declared majors, will be assigned a faculty advisor to assist them with registration advising. Pre-Health students will not be assigned a major advisor until they have completed 60 hours and officially declared a major. Students may contact the Student Service’s Office at 334-844-4269 if they have questions about their faculty advisor assignments.


Q: What is the difference between a Faculty Advisor and Academic Advisor?

A: After the freshman year, students in good academic standing, who have declared majors, will be assigned a faculty advisor to assist them with registration advising. Faculty advisors also help with the completion of certain forms, such as a course substitution and a plan of study. Your academic advisor provides advice about academic majors as well as information regarding rules and regulations related to COSAM and to Auburn University. Your academic advisor will also conduct credit checks and graduation checks to ensure you are on track to graduate.


Q: College is different than I expected and I need some help in my course(s), what are my options?

A: You have a number of options available to you. Meet with your instructor. Many instructors offer office hours and will answer questions and provide you with course-related feedback, so take advantage. Individual departments keep a list of private tutors for hire if you are interested as well.  Lastly, Supplemental Instruction(SI), Study Smart, Study Partners and Academic Coaching are all resources available through Academic Support at no additional cost.


Q: What is a course substitution and why might I need one?

A: A course substitution is a form that is required if you receive permission to deviate from your curriculum model.  It must be completed along with your faculty advisor and signed by the department head as well as the dean.


Q: Do I need a Plan of Study?

A: A plan of study is required for Applied Math and Physics majors.  To obtain a Plan of Study form, you must meet with your faculty advisor directly.


Q: This is my first semester to register for classes since CWE/SOS, what do I do?

A:  Typically, registration for the summer and fall semester is during March and registration for the spring semester is during October. Each semester, immediately preceding registration, the peer advisors hold a registration workshop to answer any questions you may have about registration and help you with completing your registration worksheet. Specific details are announced via email and facebook. Additional information about COSAM registration is available here.


Q: How do I add/drop classes?

A: A list of frequently asked questions regarding Tigeri and registration can be found through the First Year Experience office.


Q: I want to register for a class, but I’m not sure if I need any other classes before I can take it?

A:  In order to find out prerequisites and corequisites for courses, you must look at the course description for that individual course, which can be found in the university bulletin at or


Q: I’m trying to register for a class, but I keep receiving a pre-requisites/test score error, what does this mean?

A:  Typically this error means that you have not taken/received credit for a course that is a prerequisite or corequisite for the course you are attempting to register for. Check to see if you have the prerequisite/corequisite course(s).  If you have the required course(s), you must call the department that houses the specific course for additional assistance.


Q: Who do I talk to about taking more credit hours that I’m allowed for a specific semester?

A:  In order to register for additional credit hours, you must complete a course overload form to be approved by your academic advisor and director of student services.


Q: I am interested in planning my schedule for the next few semesters, but I’m not sure when classes are offered, what do I do?

A: COSAM offers a Long Range Schedule that is helpful in planning your sciences and mathematics courses in advance.


Q: What courses count as Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences?

A:  A list of acceptable CORE courses is available here.


Q: What is the difference between AU GPA, transfer GPA, adjusted GPA, and cumulative GPA?

A: Your AU GPA is determined strictly by courses taken while at AU. Your transfer GPA is determined solely by courses taken outside of AU. An adjusted GPA reflects some type of adjustment, such as a GAP. Your cumulative GPA is combination of both your transfer and your AU GPA.


Q: What is a Peer Advisor and how can they help me?

A: The COSAM Peer Advisors are a select group of 12 COSAM juniors and seniors that serve the students of the College of Sciences and Mathematics.


Q: I am a pre-health student, what things should I be doing to stay on track and prepare for professional school?

A: The following pre-health information sheets offer helpful tips and timeline information for pre-health students.


Q: I plan to apply for professional school, where can I find out more information about the Pre-Health Program?

A: An abundance of information can be found on the COSAM Pre-Health webpage.  You can also schedule an appointment with your academic advisor or with the Pre-Health Director, Mrs. Beverley Childress, if you have any additional questions.


Q: I’ve seen some abbreviations used, but I’m not sure what they mean?

A:  Below are some of the commonly used abbreviations you will see used by the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM) as well as Auburn University:


Q: How do I find out important deadlines?

A:  You will often be reminded of important deadlines via email, so be sure to check your email on a daily basis. Other important deadlines can be found on the academic calendar each semester.  Some of the most common deadlines are:

  • 5th class day- last day to add classes on your own on Tigeri; $100 fee enforcement begins tomorrow for each course you drop and runs through the 15th class day
  • 15th class day- last day to drop a course and not receive a W on your transcript; last day for potential tuition refund for dropped classes
  • Midsemester- last day to drop a course for the semester with no grade penalty; deadline for request to move finals; last day to declare intent to graduate that semester


Q: Does COSAM offer scholarships?

A: Yes, COSAM does offer scholarships.


Q: Who should I talk to about financial aid?

A:  Student Financial Services is located in Mary Martin Hall and they can answer questions regarding Financial Aid.  You can also visit their website.


Q: Who do I talk to about my scholarship?

A:  The Office of University Scholarship is located in the Quad Center.  You can also visit their website. If your scholarship is from COSAM, you need to speak with Glenelle Lindsay, 249 SCC or


Q: What is the GAP policy?

A:  GAP stands for Grade Adjustment Policy and this adjustment can be used on D,F or FA grades. You have 3 GAPs available and if you GAP a course that is required for your major, you must repeat it at AU. GAP does not erase a grade from your transcript and is often not accepted by financial aid, scholarship and professional/graduate schools.  See your academic advisor for additional information.


Q: I am currently Undeclared Science and Math (UNSM) and/or I would like to change my major, what should I do?

A:  In order to update/change your major, you must come into 239 Sciences Center Classrooms Building to complete a change of major form.  Once you have done so, your status will be updated, you will be assigned a faculty advisor (if applicable) and your academic advisor will evaluate and notify you of your progress on your new curriculum model.


Q: I am currently a COSAM student, but I would like to switch to a different college, what should I do?

A:  In order to change your major to another college, you must first call that college to verify the college is accepting transfer and that you meet all of the necessary requirements. Once you have done so, you can come to our office in 239 Sciences Center Classrooms Building to get your folder and walk it directly to your new college.


Q: I need to get in touch with someone on campus, but I don’t know the location or phone number?

A:  People Finder on the Auburn University website is a great resource to find on-campus locations and phone numbers. Common COSAM contacts are available here.


Q: What do I do to begin receiving my VA Educational Benefits at AU?

A: You will need to meet with a VA School Certifying Official at the Veterans Resource Center (217 Foy) in order to begin the process. Then, contact your academic advisor in order to determine which classes you need.


Q: If I am receiving VA Educational Benefits, can I stop by my advisor’s office to have VA paperwork completed?

A: Yes, you can stop by your advisor’s office, but it’s best to leave your paperwork with your advisor to be completed and sent directly to the VA Office.

Last updated: 06/01/2015