COSAM Graduate Student Travel Fund

(latest modification: 10/9/2013)

Please read carefully, because there have been some changes to the application process.

The College of Science and Mathematics provides modest support for COSAM graduate students to present their own thesis research at scientific meetings. Each graduate student can receive at most one COSAM travel award in any three consecutive review periods. Preference is given to previously unfunded applicants, students who are nearing graduation, students who have strong proven records of productivity as shown through publication or other evidence of strong research scholarship, and applicants who have attempted to obtain support from other sources, such as the Graduate School or the agency running the meeting. The quality of the graduate faculty advisor letter is closely examined to because it confirms information elsewhere in the application, and further indicates the level of support the advisor has for the student. Applications lacking any part of the packet will not be considered. If it is detected that the application is incomplete, and if the incomplete state of the application is detected before the deadline, we will try to contact the student and/or advisor to appraise them of the situation. If the incomplete application is discovered after the deadline, it will not be considered. We cannot guarantee that the applications will be reviewed prior to the deadline; thus it behooves the student to be complete and careful in the application effort.

Be sure to use the indicated PDF form ONLY; if opened with Acrobat Reader, it can be filled out and printed, but not saved. If opened with Acrobat X, which is available for free to qualified AU users (including both faculty and graduate students), you can save a copy as well as print it. Please type into the fillable sections. Hand-written or otherwise sloppy applications are given less consideration.  


The Graduate Student Travel Committee members are:

Anthony Moss (Biological Sciences, Chair)
Narendra Govil (Mathematics and Stataistics)
Haibo Zou (Geology and Geography)
Symon Gathiaka (Chemistry/BioChemistry, Graduate Student Representative)


Application Guidelines:

Until further notice, applications will be accepted by paper only.

1. Starting 6/30/2013, there will be only one accepted form; it is linked here:

Click to download the fillable PDF format application.

2. A 'Request for Authority to Travel' (RAT) form must be included with every application.

Obtain a RAT form at:

Download the RAT form

Please be aware that international travel can be complex. If the travel is international in nature, we need to see that you have started to fill out the RAT-50 form (you would not provide a RAT form).  The RAT-50 need not be completed with all signatures since we know that can take several weeks to obtain.   Obtain a RAT-50 and please read through the guidance provided by The Office of International Education has compiled a list of the considerations for international travel at:

The College of Agriculture has also compiled useful information about international travel at:

Where requested on the forms, please fill out the account information if another funding source is already contributing to the support.

3. Applications can only come from COSAM graduate students in good standing; applications from other colleges are not allowed.

4. To the faculty advisor: Please do not email ; instead please send letters of support through campus mail to Anthony Moss, Dept. Biological Sciences, 331 Funchess Hall, via Campus Mail, or hand-carry to Ms. Sandra Abate (844-4850; at the same address. Keep in mind that it is expected that the student does not have access to your reference letter; please sign across the seal on the envelope to indicate this. We are happy to accept letters of reference on departmental letter head in lieu of filling in the reference space at the bottom of the form. Please turn the filled in form whether or not you provide a separate letter. Please make 3 copies of the reference and include the original and copies in a common envelope.

We know your time is important. Please also understand that a quality reference is a great help to your student. Thank you for your time.  

5. Send original and three (3)  copies of the application through campus mail to: Anthony Moss, Department of Biological Sciences, 331 Funchess Hall. If time is tight, hand-carry to Ms. Sandra Abate (4-4850) at the same address. Please take into account campus mail transit times because the application AND the faculty letter must arrive by no later than 4:45 on the day of the deadline. 


Late applications will not be considered. We strive to make decisions within a week of the deadline.

Review Period Travel Period Deadline
1 - Fall Semester 15 August - 15 January 1 October
2 - Spring Semester 15 December - 15 May 5 February
3 - Summer 15 April - 15 September  1 June

Last updated: 01/31/2014