Undergraduate Minor

Objective and Outcomes

The objective of the Minor in Statistics is to provide a solid foundation in Statistics education and training and is designed to enhance the student's preparation in his/her own field of study, such as in the experimental sciences, mathematics, education, engineering, biology, forestry, etc.

Declaration of Statistics Minor:

The student is required to declare the minor with COSAM. To do that you need to fill out a form that you can obtain from Regina McGinty (844-4269 or mcginrw@auburn.edu ). She is the Executive Secretary in Student Services of the College of Sciences and Mathematics. Her office is on the second floor of the Sciences Center Classrooms Building.

The new requirements for a minor in Statistics are 15 hours from the following, with a minimum grade of C in each of these courses.

Required: STAT 3600/3610 or STAT 3010/4020.

Electives: STAT 4610, 4620, 4630, 5110, 5630.

Be sure to also read the university requirements for a minor in the Academic Bulletin. In particular note that courses required for your major or the core curriculum cannot count toward the minor.

Finally you need to fill out another form (again from COSAM; ask Regina McGinty) in which you state the courses that you have taken towards your minor and obtain some signatures. This form is then forwarded to the Registrar's Office which will make a note in your transcript that you have fulfilled the requirements of a statistics minor.

Last updated: 09/04/2012