Tuesdays, Thursdays      2:00        Parker 328

2014 - 2015


Tuesday, January 20

Speaker: Dean Hoffman

Topic: A puzzle I can't seem to solve!

Thursday, January 22

Speaker: Pete Johnson

Title to be announced


Tuesday, December 2

Combinatorics faculty for
                        next year. Be there or be square!


Thursday, November 20

Speaker: Suil O, Georgia State University

Title: Edge-connectivity in regular multigraphs from eigenvalues 


Tuesday, November 4

Speaker: Amin Bahmanian

Title: Extending factorizations of complete uniform hypergraphs 


Thursday, October 30

Speaker: Vitaly Voloshin, Troy University

Topic: Some open problems in hypergraph coloring

Tuesday, October 21

Speaker: Jessica McDonald

Title:  A list analog of Vizing's Theorem for simple graphs with triangles but no other odd cycles


Tuesday, October 14

Speaker: Curt Lindner

Topic: How to embed a partial odd cycle system

Thursday, October 9



Tuesday, September 30

Speaker: Pete Johnson

Topic: Later developments concerning Hall's Condition and list coloring

Thursday, September 25



Tuesday, September 23

Speaker: Pete Johnson

Topic: Another chapter in the history of list-coloring


Thursday, September 18

Topic: CCL, Graph theory and universal algebra go hand in hand!

Tuesday, September 16



Thursday, September 11

Speaker: Doug Leonard

Topic: Coordinates other than affine or projective


Tuesday, September 9

Speaker: Pete Johnson


Thursday, September 4

Speaker: Dean Hoffman, continued


Tuesday, September 2



Thursday, August 28

Speaker: Saad El-Sanati, Illinois State University

Title: On decomposing regular graphs and multigraphs into isomorphic trees and forests


Tuesday, August 26

Speaker: Dean Hoffman

Thursday, August 21

Title:  CCL, How to squash a 6-cycle system into a Steiner triple system

Tuesday, August 19



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