Graduate Student Seminar

Time: Wednesday, 3 pm to 3:50 pm                                                     Place: 249 Parker Hall   

January 21

Speaker: Dr. Albrecht

Title: "Generalizing Warfield's Hom and Tensor Relations"  The talk will outline some of the work Dr. Goeters and Dr. Albrecht have done.

November 19

Speaker: Mr. Y. Long

Title: Introduction to local well-posedness theory of Navier-Stokes equation and global well-posedness of Navier-Stokes equation in cylindrical coordinate system


November 12

Speaker: Mr. Randall Gay

Title:  An Introduction to Surreal Number Theory


November 5

Speaker: Dr. Rawal

Topic: TBA


October 29

Speaker: Dr. H. Huang

Topic: TBA


October 22

Speaker: Dr. D. Leonard

Title: Why I use computer algebra systems to do pure mathematics


October 15

Speaker: Dr. Jerzy Szulga

Title: Toy Fock spaces, or Rademacher realm, or how simple shed light on complex

Abstract:  At the beginning Brownian motion generates Gaussian chaos subject to various operators acting on it such us Malliavin’s Derivative. The underlying mathematical framework is rather complicated yet the basic concepts can be introduced and investigated through "toy models." Connections to quantum probability (a.k.a. non-commutative probability theory) will be also discussed.

October 8

Speaker:  Mr. Zachary Sarver

Topic: a brief introduction to multilinear algebra


September 24

Speaker: Dr. Tin-Yau Tam

Title: How to be a successful graduate student



September 10

Speaker: Dr. N. Govil  

Title:  An Introduction to Some Problems in the Theory of Polynomials and Related Classes of Functions



September 3

Speaker: Dr. Stewart Baldwin

Title: The Mandelbrot Set

Graduate Student Seminar

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