Graduate Student Seminar

Time: Wednesday, 3 pm to 3:50 pm                                                     Place: 249 Parker Hall   


2013 - 2014

April 23, 2014

Steven Clontz is going to give an introduction to LaTex.  He will be using ShareLaTex so please bring your laptop to the seminar.


April 2, 2014

Speaker: Seth Kermausuor

Title: A generalization of the Lipschitz space

Abstract: click here 


March 26, 2014

Speaker: Dr. Geraldo DeSouza

Title: From Riemann Integral to Lebesgue Integral

Abstract: In this talk, we discuss the origin and details of Riemann Integral and show a severe weakness in this concept; we motivate the need of a wider concept of integral leading to Lebesgue Integral. The Lebesgue concept will be introduced by modifying that one of Riemann, motivated by its weakness.

In fact, in this presentation we will discuss the following: One important property of any Integral concept must deal efficiently with the exchange of limit of sequence with the integral; in the Riemann integral if the sequence of Riemann integrable functions converges uniformly then we can exchange the limit with the integral. However, if the convergence is not uniform this exchange may fail. In analyzing this weakness closely, we are led to a wider concept of integrability.


March 19, 2014

Speaker: Dr. Junshan Lin

Title: Introduction to Direct and Inverse Problems in Electromagnetic Wave Scattering


February 26, 2014

Speaker: Dr. H. P. Goeters

Title: TBA

February 19, 2014

Speaker: Dr. T.Y. Tam

Title: How to Be a Successful Graduate Student


February 12, 2014

Speaker: Dr. Krystyna Kuperberg

Topic: Simplicial Holomology

February 5, 2014

Speaker: Dr. Olav Kallenberg

Title: Brownian motion, diffusions, and SDEs
Abstract: Brownian motion may be the most important single object studied in probability theory (= the theory of stochastic processes),
taught routinely in basic graduate courses in the area. Dropping the space homogeneity leads to more general diffusion processes, described most conveniently as solutions to stochastic differential equations (SDEs). In this talk, I will give an elementary account of some basic ideas, and comment briefly on the history of the subject.

January 22, 2014

Speaker: Jerzy Szulga 

Title:  Brownian Motion and its companions



January 15, 2014  

Speaker: Ulrich Albrecht

Topic: Mixed Modules



Speaker: Randall Gay

Title: On Numbers...An Introduction to Surreal Number Theory


November 13, 2013

Speaker: Dr. Ziqin Feng

Title: Hilbert’s 13th Problems: Results, Problems and Approaches



November 6, 2013

Speaker: Dr. Narendra Govil

Topic: TBA



October 16, 2013

Speaker: Dr. Luke Oeding

Topic: TBA



October 9, 2013

NO formal seminar; meet at the library at 2:50.


October 2, 2013

Speaker: Steven Clontz

Topic: TBA


September 25, 2013

Speaker: Xiaoxia Xie

Topic: TBA


 September 18, 2013

Speaker: Dr. Pete Johnson  

Topic: TBA


 September 11, 2013

Speaker: Nar Rawal

Topic: TBA


September 4, 2013

Speaker: Ulrich Albrecht

Topic: TBA


August 28, 2013

Title: (Non-academic) Careers in Mathematics:  More about having a mathematical mind than knowing mathematics
Speaker: Allen Flick 
Flick is a former Auburn student who graduated in 2009 with an M.S. in Mathematics.  Currently, he is a Senior Research Analyst at Metron, Inc. in Reston, VA, who designs and tests software and hardware for unmanned underwater vehicles.  In the past he has also carried out performance analysis on different systems, designed software simulations, and designed software tools for testing / evaluating systems and their performance.
Title: Work for the Categorical Mathematician
Speaker: James Dabbs
Dabbs graduated in 2011 with an M.S. in Mathematics from Auburn.  Currently, he is a senior engineer at Emcien, a late-stage Atlanta start-up working in Automated Pattern Detection.  His job details include reading white papers, trying to implement these ideas using shiny new technologies, and playing a fair amount of bumper pool.
Graduate Student Seminar

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