Paid Speakers and/or International Visitors

Anyone who receives honoraria and/or travel expenses must register with the University as a vendor. If you have any problems, please contact Lori Bell at 334-844-6550 or by email at lkp0002 (remember you must add

Please follow the steps below:

Go to then ...

1. Click on New User Registration (at left).

2. Enter the requested information:
     Payee name = your name
     Vendor type = individual using social security number (in all likelihood)
     Set up a username and password (please use a unique username)
     Continue through to completion.

3. At bottom right, click "Register."

Read the information provided at New User Registration.

4. Click on "Continue."

Control Functions: Basic Data

5. Click on "I have an academic relationship with Auburn University...."

6. Click on "Enter."

Control Functions

7. Fill in the required information.

8. Click on "Enter."

Control Functions

9. At bottom right (Fast Paperwork Management), click on required form links.
    Each link has required information that you must provide.