COLLOQUIA         2011 -- 2012

Colloquia are held on Fridays in Parker Hall, Room 250, from 4:00-4:50 (unless otherwise advised).
Refreshments are served in Parker Hall, Room 244, beginning at 3:30.


Thursday, July 26, 2:30 pm Room 250     Refreshments at 2:00 pm Room 244

Speaker: Hung Lin Fu (Professor of Mathematics and Dean of Student Affairs, 
                   National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan)

Title: Finding rainbow subgraphs in an edge-colored graph

Faculty host: Chris Rodger


Please note, refreshments will be served between the presentations at 3:30 in Room 244

MONDAY, July 9, 2012, 2:30 pm in Parker 250

Speaker: Lourdes Tello (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
        (Polytechnic University of Madrid))

Title: Existence of solutions to a parabolic problem with a dynamic and diffusive
        boundary condition

Abstract available here

Faculty host: Georg Hetzer

MONDAY, July 9, 2012, 4:00 pm in Parker 250

Speaker: Arturo Hidalgo (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain)
Title: A high order finite volume numerical scheme to solve nonlinear systems of
        advection-diffusion-reaction equations

Abstract available here

Faculty host: Georg Hetzer


April 13, 2012

Paul Jung (University of Alabama at Birmingham) 
Title: Random walks at random times
Abstract available here
Faculty host: Erkan Nane


THURSDAY April 19, 2012  5:15 pm in Sciences Center Classroom 115
(refreshments served 4:30 - 5:00 in Parker 244)

Speaker: Dr. Doran Lubinski (Georgia Institute of Technology) 

Title: From Orthogonal Polynomials to Random Matrices

Abstract available here

Faculty host: Narendra Kumar Govil


APRIL 27, 2012

Speaker: Charles Micchelli (State University of New York, Albany)

Title: On an asymptotic analysis of polynomial approximation to halfband filters

Abstract available here

Faculty host: Yangzhao Cao


MONDAY        April 9, 2012

Speaker: Alex Clark  (University of Leicester, UK)

Title: Matchbox manifolds and beyond

Abstract available here

Host: Krystyna Kuperberg




Speaker: Fuzhen Zhang (Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Title: The Schur Complement

Abstract: Auburn is the birthplace of the mathematical term "Schur complement." This talk will present the historical connection of Auburn and the term, review classical results, and show some new results on the topic.

Faculty host: T. Y. Tam

A brief bio: Fuzhen Zhang has about 50 research articles. He authored two books (Linear Algebra: Challenging Problems for Students, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996; 2nd edition 2009. Matrix Theory: Basic Results and Techniques, Springer, 1999; 2nd edition 2011) and edited the book The Schur Complement and Its Applications, Springer 2005).  He is an associate editor of several journals, including Linear and Multilinear Algebra, International Journal of Information and Systems Sciences, Banach Journal of Mathematical Analysis (BJMA). He is also a collaborating editor for the American Mathematical Monthly.

SPECIAL Joint Colloquium and Graduate Student Seminar 

SPECIAL TIME AND PLACE: 3:00 pm, Wednesday, February 29, 2012 Parker 250
Refreshment at 2:30 pm in 244

Speaker: Dr. Anotida Madzvamuse (Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, University of Sussex, UK)

Title: "Pattern Formation on Evolving Biological Surfaces: Theory, Numerics, and Applications"

Faculty host:  Georg Hetzer

Note: Dr. Madzvamuse, a graduate of Oxford University, UK, was an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Auburn University from 2003 through 2006, before returning to the UK. He will be visiting our department this week and has kindly agreed to deliver a colloquium talk, which will also serve as this week's Graduate Student Seminar presentation..

March 9, 2012

Speaker: Xiaoming Wang (Florida State University)

Title: Contaminant Transport in Karst Aquifer: Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation

Abstract available here

Faculty host: Yanzhao Cao

February 23, 2012

Speaker: Anthony J. W. Hilton (University of Reading, UK and
                Queen Mary University of London, UK)
Title: Some theorems and conjectures related to the Erdős-Ko-Rado Theorem
Abstract: available here

Faculty host: Peter Johnson


February 17, 2012

Speaker: Matthew Ragland (Auburn University, Montgomery)
Title: Finite groups in which normality is a transitive relation and their generalizations
Abstract available here  

Faculty host: T. Y. Tam


January 27, 2012

Speaker: Sure Mataramvura (University of Cape Town, South Africa)
Title: Completion of markets by ith variation processes
Abstract available here

Dr. Mataramvura will also give a talk in the Probability Seminar on January 25

Faculty host: Erkan Nane


December 2, 2011

Speaker:  Madhuri S. Mulekar (University of South Alabama)
Title:  Assessing practical usefulness of approximations to mean and variance of index of dissimilarity
Abstract available here

Faculty host:  Mark Carpenter

About the Speaker: Dr. Madhuri S. Mulekar is a Professor of Statistics in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics. She graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Ph.D. in Statistics in 1988. After graduation she worked for a statistical consulting firm and in 1990 she joined the University of South Alabama. Her research areas of interest are selection and ranking procedures, sequential testing procedures, and classical inference. She is recipient of several National Science Foundation, USARC, and Alabama EPSCoR awards and has worked as a Co-PI for many externally funded research projects from other disciplines. She directed the NSF funded undergraduate research program (REU) in statistics. She has published over 50 articles, two book, and three book chapters. She is a recipient of Scholar of the Year Award by Phi Kappa Phi.


SPECIAL DAY: MONDAY, November 14, 2011

Speaker:  Roberto Rubalcaba  (National Security Agency)
Title:  Experimental Domination in Graphs
Abstract available here

Faculty host:  Peter Johnson

Note:  Because Monday is not a regular colloquium day, room 250 is subject to change.


November 4, 2011

Speaker: Yimin Xiao (Michigan State University)
Title: Gaussian Random Fields: Spectral Measures and Fine Properties
Abstract available here

Faculty host: Erkan Nane


October 28, 2011

Speaker: Wei Zhu (University of Alabama)
Title: Modeling and Simulation of Liquid Crystal Elastomers
Abstract available here

Faculty host: Yanzhao Cao



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