Instructional Classrooms

Note: All installation and use of college/university software is limited to the specific license requirements of a particular piece of software.

The COSAM IT group has implemented changes to most of the technology classrooms in the college. The rooms affected are Rouse 112; Chemistry 134, 151, 156; SCC 115, 118, 122; SCA; all in Parker Hall (with the exceptions of 126 and the physics labs), and the conference room SCC 202. We have reinstalled the operating systems and changed the delivery system for the software on these machines. Some of the machines are limited to basic Microsoft Office Viewers (Powerpoint, Word, Excel, etc). Any other software that a faculty member is licensed to use is delivered via virtualization regardless of the classroom they are teaching in. This change allows us to better manage the software that is available to the faculty and graduate teaching assistants. It will also give a more consistent user friendly environment.

All classroom computers have the VMware View Client on the desktop. Clicking on this will launch a virtual machine which contains any necessary software as many classroom computers now have limitations.

Files stored on the local desktop, my favorites, and my documents folders of any classroom computer or the virtual computer will be available to each user regardless of the computer's location for the duration of the semester. This includes both the physical computers and the virtual computers. The instructor will have a choice of using either the local physical computer or launching a virtual computer depending on what works best for them.  

Faculty and Staff

The faculty/instructor will be able to install VMware View Client on their office desktop/laptop so they can connect to the virtual computer (i.e. class pool) from outside the classroom to prepare for class. Faculty can copy material (files, programs, etc.) to the virtual computers desktop or my docs and they will appear in the same place on their classroom computer when they log in.


Students enrolled in COSAM courses which require the use of software in support of instruction may have access to such software electronically while enrolled. If in doubt, students should check with their instructor. Students will also be able to use and find VMware View Client when logging into a machine in COSAM. Launching this will give them a virtual computer and the additional software needed for their classes if enrolled in one that needs it. Students can also download the View Client to their personal computer and access the needed software remotely.

Last updated: 07/27/2012