Guidelines on Instructional Software Access

 --- Draft 4 under review to be a policy ----


Distribution of software licensed through Auburn University is limited to AU computing facilities and machines unless specifically authorized for use on personal machines. Access and use of such software is often further restricted by licensing agreements. The purpose of this policy is to help COSAM IT manage the software efficiently and insure COSAM is in compliance with the licensing requirements. In addition, this policy makes use of advances in technology and is intended to facilitate the delivery and instructional use of software for the faculty, staff, and students.


Standard instructional software will be delivered to faculty, staff, and students using virtualization technology whenever possible. Faculty requesting use of nonstandard software in their classes either in computer labs or through virtualization should consult with COSAM IT at least a semester prior to intended use. Some software is not available through virtualization and must be installed on a physical computer.

Graduate Students

Graduate student access to appropriately licensed standard software outside of classes may be available if requested by their department. Access will be limited to  virtualized machines or virtualized applications.


Faculty wanting to use standard instructional software in their classes need to notify COSAM IT via email ( with the following information:

Class number

Section number

Class size

Other software program(s) to be used

Students enrolled in these COSAM courses will have access to such software electronically while enrolled. Virtual machines will be available for students to use the software outside of class and labs. Access to such software will be made available in OIT labs. Directions for students to access the electronic delivery of software are posted here.

Faculty wanting to reserve COSAM computer labs need to do so through banner or contact COSAM IT. Disk space on computers in COSAM Labs or Classrooms (virtual or physical) is provided for the convenience of the instructor/student during the semester. It is periodically cleaned and reallocated. Faculty and their students should maintain permanent copies of needed course material on their own storage devices.

Faculty access to appropriately licensed standard software on AU machines will be available via electronic delivery (i.e. virtualized machines or virtualized applications). Faculty wishing to have standard software installed on their AU machine(s) instead may do so. However, in such cases, faculty must agree to abide by the licensing requirements and must take responsibility for the installation and maintenance of the software.


Departments may request access to licensed standard software for all their faculty, all their graduate students, and/or all their majors. Departments should contact COSAM IT as to possible costs or limitations. In general, requests by departments for access to nonstandard software or access by students not in these well defined groups will be handled on a case by case basis.

A list of currently available virtualized software can be found at here.

Last updated: 07/27/2012