Giving to the Summer Bridge Program

We invite you our Auburn family and friends to make a difference in the lives of underrepresented students by giving to the Summer Bridge Program. Click here to give.

As a graduate of the Summer Bridge Program, you know the experience you were given at Auburn University was priceless. In these hard economic times, it becomes necessary to think realistically about the costs of the Summer Bridge Program. In recent months, the private donations supporting the program have declined and although the program remains strong, alumni and donor support is necessary to maintain the resources that make it so successful, including:

  • Summer Bridge instruction
  • Transportation
  • Room and board
  • Textbooks/materials
  • Marketing, recruitment, and day-to-day administrative operations

 One Summer Bridge Program participant explained his reasons for giving back to the program.

“The tools provided and shown to me during the Summer Bridge Program are invaluable. Summer Bridge helped me in so many ways. Summer Bridge positioned me to obtain my undergraduate degree and go further. You will leave this program better equipped, more knowledgeable, and academically ready, he said. “If every alum gave $50 we could pay for 15 participants to attend the program. Now just imagine if you gave $100. Whatever your resources look like, that’s the kind of resources we need.”

In addition, alumni and friends can contribute to the program in ways other than financial support. The Summer Bridge Program has recently developed an advisory board. The board works as a vehicle to develop a closer relationship with Auburn University, the College of Sciences and Mathematics, and the Summer Bridge Program. Contact Bianca D. Evans,, if you would like to join in the effort.



Last updated: 05/04/2012