John D. Weete
Emeritus Professor; Executive Director, Auburn Research and Technology Foundation & Assistant Vice President for Technology Transfer & Commercialization, Auburn University

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570 Devall Drive
Auburn, AL 36832
Tel: (334) 844-7480
Fax: (334) 844-7444
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Ph.D. - University of Houston (1970)
B.S./M.S. - Stephen F. Austin State College (1961-1968)

Academic interests are in the biochemistry and physiology of fungi with a focus on lipid biochemistry specifically the distribution and structural evolution of sterols and nutritionally important polyunsaturated fatty acids

As Executive Director of the Auburn Research and Technology Foundation (ARTF) he is responsible for the overall development and operation of the Auburn Research Park.  His responsibilities include strategic planning, marketing and communications, budget development and management, overseeing construction projects, and recruiting tenants to the park.   

As Assistant Vice President for Technology Transfer and Commercialization, he is responsible for providing leadership for the commercialization of intellectual properties generated by Auburn University faculty and students, and includes strategic and budgetary planning, and facilitating university/industry collaborations.

Dr. Weete served as the Vice President for Research and Economic Development at West Virginia University (WVU) and President of the West Virginia University Research Corporation from 1998 to 2007.   He was also the legislative liaison between the university and congressional delegation in Washington, D.C.

He also served on the faculty and as an administrator at Auburn University from 1973 to 1998.  He was a Professor in the Department of Botany and Microbiology, Associate Dean for Research in the College of Science and Mathematics, and an Alumni Professor.  

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