James T. Bradley
Emeritus Professor

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Ph.D. - University of Washington

• Cell biology of insect and fish oogenesis and early embryogenesis, especially vitellogenesis and metabolic fate of yolk protein during embryogenesis.

• Bioethics and 21st century biotechnologies including stem cells, cloning, genetic enhancement, age retardation, and neuropharmacology.

• Criteria defining personhood at the beginning of life.

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2003 - present: W. Kelly Mosley Professorship in Science and Humanities, Auburn University

2003 - present: Chair, Littleton-Franklin Lecture Committee

1994 - present: Director, interdisciplinary Human Odyssey Program, Auburn University

2002 - Academic Freedom Award, AAUP, Auburn University Chapter

2001 - 2002: Chair, Auburn University Senate and Faculty

1999 - 2000: Auburn Alumni Association Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award

1989 - 1999: Student Government Association of Auburn University Most Outstanding Faculty Member in the College of Science and Mathematics

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Bishop, Jeremy W., 2004. "Interactions of Ecdysteroid Hormones with Carrier Yolk Polypeptides in the European House Cricket, Acheta domesticus, and the Production of Yolk Polypeptides-Specific Monoclonal Antibodies."



Concepts of Science - SCMH1010 Advanced Cell Biology - BIOL7440 
The Human Odyssey I - UNIV2710   
The Human Odyssey II - UNIV2720   
Cell Biology - BIOL4100

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