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Senior Class Giving

StudentsWhy Does the College of Sciences and Mathematics Need Private Support?

Tuition and state funding provide less than half of the money needed to operate the College of Sciences and Mathematics. Private support such as charitable giving by alumni, students, parents, corporations and foundations joins investment income to provide the necessary dollars to run the College each year. Senior Giving will get students in the habit of giving back to the University we love.

COSAM relies heavily on private gifts to maintain the quality of our academic programs, services offered to students. COSAM would not be the institution it is today if it wasn't for private, annual gifts.

What is Senior Giving?

Seniors are encouraged to give during their senior year to COSAM and, by doing so, are made aware of the institutions's needs for private giving. Seniors will learn the importance of annual giving, and the positive experience will hopefully launch a pattern of future giving.



"I'm already paying money to the University in tuition. Why give to COSAM

Tuition covers only a portion of what it costs to run the University, so gifts from private sources are essential. YOU have benefited from gifts made by alumni and students who graduated before you so please give so that others may enjoy those same benefits.

Where will my money go?

Gifts will fund a scholarship, and each year a COSAM student is awarded the funds.

"How do I make my gift?"

There are many convenient ways to give.

Questions? Contact: Brook Moates at 844-2931.

Last Updated: 06/08/2016