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The AU-CMB program is built upon research strengths of Auburn life science faculty, and recognized institutional excellence and dedication to teaching. At the core of this peak is a commitment to education at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The AU-CMB faculty will prepare students in the life sciences at Auburn University to compete as informed, productive citizens and scientists in the biotechnological world of the 21st century. To this end, the objective of the AU-CMB program is to establish a vital, progressive, nationally recognized and respected interdisciplinary academic environment that will:

Nurture and encourage modern, competitive research and educational efforts in life science-related disciplines;

Attract the best and brightest students and arm them with the intellectual and technical skills they will need to succeed professionally in the biological, agricultural and biomedical sciences and related industries;

Strengthen, improve and retain a valued and productive faculty that will lead this program and Auburn University into the new millennium;

Promote public education, understanding and appreciation for the ongoing revolution in the biological sciences and biotechnology; and

Position Auburn University, the Auburn community, and the state of Alabama to take advantage of the new 'century of biology' by encouraging development of biotech industry, university-industry alliances, and related opportunities for economic growth and development.

Last Updated: 11/17/2016