About Outreach

Dr. Royrickers Cook
Royrickers Cook,
Vice President for
University Outreach
and Associate Provost

It is my pleasure to welcome you to University Outreach at Auburn University. As a land-grant institution, Auburn has a special legacy in serving the community beyond campus through Outreach. For more than a century, Auburn University's outreach and engagement mission has been partnering with communities, businesses, schools and government to help people meet their educational goals and to improve quality of life all across our state.

Simply put, through Engagement, we Instruct, we Assist, and we Serve:

  • University Outreach engages with communities in partnership and reciprocity for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge that promotes the common good. Engagement promotes greater accessibility to Auburn’s educational resources – especially to those in underserved areas – while enriching scholarship, learning and service for our faculty, staff and students working with the community.
  • University Outreach provides educational opportunities for all ages, including summer academic camps and college preparatory programs for youth, professional and job training courses for working adults, and lifelong learning programs for seniors.
  • University Outreach provides technical and strategic assistance to public and private entities, businesses, schools, governments and civic organizations, to solve problems, improve systems, and encourage innovation. Outreach also assists citizens through programs that promote health, well-being and community sustainability.
  • University Outreach promotes public service through an array of activities, events, exhibitions and other offerings that encourage community involvement and enhance quality of life.

Last Updated: March 2, 2020