COSAM News Articles 2023 November Medical laboratory science event helps provide important blood typing information

Medical laboratory science event helps provide important blood typing information

Published: 11/28/2023

By: Maria Gebhardt

On Nov. 27, students in the Medical Laboratory Science program in the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM) offered a free blood typing event in the Sciences Center Laboratory building.

“The goal of this even is to raise the awareness of the Medical Laboratory Science profession and give these students hands-on experience,” said Brittni Sloan, COSAM’s Clinical Laboratory Science Director.

The event was open to students, faculty and staff to find out their blood type.

“It is important to know your blood type for an emergency situation,” said Alyssa Lambert, a senior majoring in the program. “Not everyone has access to get this simple test taken and the information is essential for blood donations.”  

Sarah Chaplain, a senior majoring in the program, began the procedure with a quick finger stick test where the blood taken is then divided into three wells.

“Drops of reagent antibodies are added to the samples to see where the reaction occurs,” said Chaplain. “The first two wells determine if the A or B antigens are present. The third well tests to see if the blood is positive or negative based on if the Rh factor reacts.”

After the test was complete, the student performing the test was able to share the blood type with the patient as well as the approximate percentage of people in the nation with the same blood type.

“I got my blood type tested because I wasn’t 100 percent sure my type – something everyone should know," said Wade Berry from the communications and marketing office in Auburn University's Honor Program. “Today I was able to confirm my blood type for my health records and give students an opportunity to get some hands-on training. It was fun, quick and easy. Plus I learned some interesting information about typing and the elusive Rh factor!” 

The event was sponsored by Lambda Tau and the Medical Laboratory Science and the Laboratory Science Department.

To learn more about the Medical Laboratory Science program or the Laboratory Science program, contact Sloan at You can also check out their lab science Instagram account. 



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