COSAM News Articles 2023 June SCORE Summer Spotlight: Students learn how to create and print using 3D printers

SCORE Summer Spotlight: Students learn how to create and print using 3D printers

Published: 06/13/2023

By: Maria Gebhardt

During Advanced 3D Printing summer camp hosted by the Southeastern Center of Robotics Education, or SCORE, entering seventh and eighth grade students learn a variety of aspects of 3D printing.

“These students will learn the basics of 3D printing this week,” said Carter Stockman, a junior at Auburn University majoring in mechanical engineering helping these students learn at camps this summer. “They begin with measuring and modeling an item that will be exported to the slicer so it can be printed on the 3D printer.”

The students actually design the items that are then printed on campus.

“We have six printers ready to go for these participants to print items they can take home each day during camp,” Stockman said.

The participants were able to print jump drives, fidget spinners, objects with transparency so you can see through them and many more items.

“The students are not just printing items,” said Stockman. “They are applying concepts of engineering to learn about the full process from start to finish.”

The printers are connected to a network so they can watch their items being printed.

“I love that these students come here excited for 3D printing,” said Beth Bass, a teacher from Wrights Mill Road Elementary School. “I get to help them take their knowledge to the next level and that is beyond rewarding.”

The students print an array of items and use Tinkercad to design the 3D objects.

“If an object doesn’t meet the specifics, the young learners have the ability to remeasure and redesign it,” Bass said. “Through hands-on learning, they get to learn how to improve upon their design and how to become a problem solver.”

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