COSAM News Articles 2022 April COSAM celebrates exceptional research at this year's Dean's Research Awards

COSAM celebrates exceptional research at this year's Dean's Research Awards

Published: 04/25/2022

By: Maria Gebhardt

This year, the Dean’s Research Awards in the College of Sciences and Mathematics honored faculty, students and a new category, postdoctoral scientist.


Konrad Patkowski

The event began with Interim Dean Ed Thomas presenting the COSAM Young Faculty Scholar Award to Konrad Patkowski, the S. D. and Karen H. Worley Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

He will have an opportunity to present his research at a future COSAM event.




Brandon Ryan




Master's and doctoral students were honored with Dean's Research Awards as well as a postdoctoral scientist and faculty.  


Dean’s Research Awards: Masters

Brandon Ryan
Department of Geosciences

Ryan is a NRT Trainee and his advisor is Chandana Mitra. "My research includes decades of climate change and climate change consequences," said Ryan. 

Analyzing Climate Change and Extreme Weather Event Impacts on Human Migration and Vulnerability in the Southeastern United States (2003 – 2018).

Victoria Spencer

Victoria Spencer
Department of Biological Sciences

Tori's advisor is Bill Wills. "Forests are dynamic ecosystems and my research shows how forms of evasive species can impact native ones," Spencer said. 

Ant biodiversity and response to a dominant competitor in pine-hardwood forests.

Ben Jackson

Dean’s Research Awards: PhD


Ben Jackson
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jackson's advisor is Evangelos Miliordos. "My research involved loosely bound electrons that can be used for numerous applications including energy storage and catalysis," Jackson said. 

Solvated Electron Precursors: Diffuse Electronic Systems with Catalytic Applications

Shuoyang Wang

Shuoyang Wang
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Wang's advisor is Guanqun Cao. "My data-driven research involves early mild cognitive impairment of Alzheimer's disease," Wang explained. 

New Statistical Learning for Next-generation Functional Data via Deep Neural Networks


Steven Bromley

Dean’s Research Awards: Postdoctoral Scientist


Steven Bromley
Department of Physics

Bromley works with Dennis Bodewits. "My research involves laboratory astrophysics, more specifically research with comets," Bromley shared. 

Laboratory astrophysics at Auburn University 

Evangelos Miliordos

Dean’s Research Awards: Faculty


Evangelos Miliordos, Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

"I would like to thank my mentor Vince Ortiz for his guidance, advice and collaboration over the years," Miliordos said as he began his presentation. 

Towards the discovery of new materials and efficient catalysts using quantum chemical calculations

Watch a recording of the entire Dean's Research Awards: 

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