COSAM News Articles 2022 April Andresa Bezerra – 2022 Outstanding GTA (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Andresa Bezerra – 2022 Outstanding GTA (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Published: 04/18/2022

By: Leslie Leak

Andresa Bezerra is a PhD candidate in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. In 2016, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from University of São Paulo (USP) - Brazil.

At Auburn, Bezerra conducts research in Christopher Easley’s lab located in the chemistry building. The Easley Research Group focuses on the development of novel microanalytical techniques that allow them to perform unique experiments on biological systems. Andresa’s research focuses on the development of DNA-based assays incorporated with photocleavable linkers for sensitive detection of biomolecules.

As a graduate teaching assistant, Bezerra has taught General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Instrumental Analysis laboratories. Last fall, she had the opportunity to teach the Fundamentals Chemistry I course.

When asked what she enjoys most about teaching, Bezerra stated, “I love chemistry and when teaching, I do my best to show how fun and interesting it can be. Every student is different - the challenge to adapt or create new material to involve and help them is motivating for me. I want to see the students succeeding, show them their potential, encourage, and help them throughout their learning process.”

Bezerra believes that as a teacher, she needs to always foster a good environment and focus on a student’s learning process, instead of just exam grades, making it more interesting and fun. “I also try to be approachable,” stated Bezerra. “I want the students to feel comfortable asking questions and talking to me whenever they need help.”

Bezerra recognizes that students have different backgrounds and different learning styles. She believes it is important to incorporate diverse delivery methods and materials so everyone can learn.

“I enjoy helping the student throughout the course and seeing them change statements like, ‘This is too hard - I don’t understand it.’ to ‘I did it - it makes sense now!’. Being able to celebrate their accomplishments, seeing how proud of themselves they were, and seeing their enthusiasm to learn more is rewarding for me,” said Bezerra.

Outside of the classroom, Bezerra enjoys learning new crafts, watching TV shows, and going on trips with friends.

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