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Students design games for the community

Published: 06/29/2021

By: Maria Gebhardt

At the pond at the Davis Arboretum, you’ll find an educational game made by Auburn University students for the entire community.

In the College of Architecture, Design and Construction, Professor Charlene LeBleu developed this interesting class project for her Spring 2021 students.

“This game is an opportunity for students to have real-world applications of the subject matter they are learning,” Le Bleu said.

With names like Kingfisher, Betty Betty Bloom, Gumball, Hunting Bigfoot, Squirrel v. Chipmunk, Wildlife Paparazzi and many more, these games are fun for the entire family.

The objectives of the game combined the development and communication of these principles to the class.

“Students were able to get feedback and continue to develop this game during their semester,” she added.

From January through March 2021, the students planned, discussed and tested their interactive game ideas. The course concluded with team presentations of each game.

The games are being featured in Auburn’s Arboretum for anyone to enjoy.

“The Davis Arboretum is here for the entire community, and these games are yet another way we are helping to provide educational and family-centric things to do in our beautiful garden,” said Morgan Pendergrass, director of the Arboretum.


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