COSAM News Articles 2021 May COSAM offers mental wellness and self-care sessions

COSAM offers mental wellness and self-care sessions

Published: 05/11/2021

By: Maria Gebhardt

“At the end of a semester, it is important to offer opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to focus on their mental health,” said Dean Nicholas J. Giordano of the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM). “This is especially true now, with all the added stress of dealing with the COVID19 pandemic.”

In a series of four online sessions, Natalie Saimeri provided tips on mindfulness, breathing techniques, and methods to unload emotions and energy when transitioning from work each day.

“I enjoyed being able to help an array of employees in COSAM from graduate teaching assistants to administrative professionals to tenured faculty,” explained Saimeri. “These sessions provided tips and practical advice to help everyone calm the mind and create a healthy relationship with ourselves.”

To learn more about Saimeri, visit

“I specifically loved about taking time to concentrate and learning specifically to relax.  De-stressing was such a great opportunity to do this and feel better afterward,” shared Jennifer Morris from COSAM’s Department of Physics. “I will keep on with the breathing and relaxing going forward!”


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