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Earth Day Extravaganza on April 22

Published: 04/19/2021

Don't miss the Earth Day Extravaganza on April 22 from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. on the Campus Green!

In addition to a succulent workshop and themed games, the 13th annual "Climate in the News" poster session will include an array of interesting topics. 

Students from from Sociology of Natural Resources and Environment, RSOC 5650/6650, and Urban Climatology, ESSI 8040, will examine the portrayal of News Media Influence on Climate Denialism; Climate Disasters as a Driver in Forced Human Migration; and Media Discourse Analysis of the Limitations and Barriers to Adoption of Climate Smart Technology. 

The poster presentation sessions are below:

RSOC 5650/6650

  1. Climate Disasters as a driver in Forced Human Migrations: A Media Analysis
  2. Climate Change Related Media, its Correlation to Denial, and Media’s Effects on Public Opinion and Environmental Policy
  3. Climate Speaks: A Discourse Analysis of Media Depictions of Climate Change and Agriculture  
ESSI 8040
  1. Beath the Heat: Physically and Financially 
  2. Drastic Impacts of the COVID19 Lockdown on Air Pollution in Megacities around the World
  3. Urban Climate and the Role of Environmental & Climate Justice

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