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COSAM Leaders welcomes 10 new members

Published: 03/16/2021

By: Robert S. Boyd

The COSAM Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Robert Boyd, announced this week the selection of 10 new members of the COSAM Leaders. The COSAM Leaders is an elite group of junior or senior students with good academic records, who are poised, articulate, and engaging, and serve by representing COSAM at college events.

This year’s selectees are: Caleb Alford, Joe Byorth, Stella Cox, Brandon Dye, Taylor Edwards, Sarah Gibson, Archie Landrum, Elizabeth Ledbetter, Ashtyn Phillippi, and Parker Wilson. They were selected from a pool of outstanding applicants during two rounds of interviews conducted by committees composed of current Leaders as well as COSAM faculty and staff. These students join 11 continuing members: Ashleigh Patterson (President), Madison Hogans (Vice President), William McLaughlin (Treasurer), Sara Beth Ramsey (Secretary), Mackenzie Brundage, Cole Callahan, Madeleine Forbes, Will Holmes, Ben Loftis, Isaiah Pompo, and Andrew Renfroe.

Historically, the COSAM Leaders have represented COSAM at college-wide events sponsored by the Development and Outreach Offices, and members interact with alumni, current students, and the public. With in-person events eliminated by the global pandemic, the COSAM Leaders needed new ways to serve COSAM. Will Blakeley (our COSAM recruiter) suggested they would be ideal tour guides for prospective students and families. He developed a training program for the Leaders and, starting in Fall 2020, members have provided 54 tours (as of mid-March 2021). They have also staffed two virtual student panels to answer questions during online recruitment events. In Fall 2020 the tours were virtual, but in Spring 2021 the Leaders were able to restart in-person tours. Since MLK Day, they have provided 40 tours to 91 prospective students and 135 other family members.

Dr. Robert Boyd, faculty advisor for the COSAM Leaders, said “We are excited to have an outstanding new group of students join the organization. With campus events re-starting in Fall 2021, the Leaders will be able to resume assisting other COSAM offices with their events. And they will continue to help prospective students and families become familiar with the many opportunities provided by COSAM. We look forward to a terrific new academic year.”

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