COSAM News Articles 2021 February Join us for a virtual Science Supper with Marie Strader

Join us for a virtual Science Supper with Marie Strader

Published: 02/16/2021

By: Cara Brittain

COSAM's Outreach department invites you to February's virtual Science Supper! Join us and Dr. Marie Strader from the Department of Biological Sciences for a talk titled "From the ocean to the test tube - molecular ecology in the changing seas."

This virtual talk will highlight how we can use molecular techniques to study how marine organisms' response to global change. Differences in coral responses to thermal anomalies are observed all over the world's oceans, but what drives these differences? Despite wide-spread losses in coral populations, some corals will survive, but what is unique about these individuals? We will discuss the work we are doing to try and uncover this. We also are working to understand mechanisms beyond classical genetics that may contribute to how organisms change their traits in response to the environment, using sea urchins as a model system. This work uncovers diverse ways in which marine organisms' respond to a changing climate. 
Register for this online event on February 23.


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