COSAM News Articles 2020 December Vice president of naviHealth offers COSAM students advice

Vice president of naviHealth offers COSAM students advice

Published: 12/01/2020

By: Maria Gebhardt

Kate Wehr Johnson ’05 graduated with her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM).

After earning her master’s degree at Vanderbilt University, she worked to plan university events, concerts and speakers. Then, she coordinated alumni and fundraising events.

In 2010, Johnson started her next chapter and moved into the healthcare industry, eventually joining naviHealth, a management company that helps seniors in their transitions of care from the hospital to post-acute care to home.

“You can take a winding path that you are not intending and land in a wonderful place,” the vice president of solutions told participants during a new virtual forum, C3 – COSAM Career Conversations, to help current students learn from alumni.

Johnson gave advice to students starting with find a gratifying field to work in.

“The level of interesting work will vary, but if you love the field you are in, it makes it much better,” she explained.

Johnson encouraged students to find a positive work environment.

“Find fun co-workers and find a good cultural fit,” Johnson said. “Before you interview, research the company and make sure it is a good match for you.”

In addition, she spoke to students to about finding a financial balance.

“Don’t pursue a career just for the money, but make sure you pursue a career that pays your bills.”

Johnson and her husband endowed scholarships at Auburn University including the Kate Wehr Johnson and Brian Johnson Endowed Scholarship.

“Many generations have experienced hardship and made it through,” she added encouraging students to persevere through the current pandemic. “You will come out on the other side and things will work out.”


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