COSAM News Articles 2020 December DMS Graduate Student Awards

DMS Graduate Student Awards

Published: 12/15/2020

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics 2020 Graduate Student Awards:

James Richard Calder Endowed Graduate Award recognizes great promise in the area of analysis or a related area:

  • Yee Ern Tan


The Don and Sandy Logan Endowment for Fellowship acknowledges and rewards academic performance for both new and continuing graduate students:

  • Jiaqi Cheng
  • Shuwen Xue


Mary Neal "Mamie" Hurt Baskervill and Margret Malone Baskervill Endowed Mathematics Fellowship recognizes superior academic performance:

  • Michael Guyer
  • Shouyang Wang


Emily Virginia Haynsworth Memorial Endowment for Excellence rewards outstanding research achievements:

  • Somak Das


Ralph B. Bennett Memorial Endowed Fund for Excellence provides funds for either undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in mathematics or statistics:

  • Stacie Baumann


Dr. Ben Fitzpatrick, Jr. Graduate Fellowship in Topology rewards students who have demonstrated academic achievement in the field of topology:

  • Padmini Nukala


Dr. Tin-Yau Tam Annual Graduate Fellowship rewards student for excellence in research and scholarship:

  • Halil Kurt


Research Citation

  • Aroh Tagbo
  • Meaza Bogale
  • Yuexin Li
  • Yuyan Yi
  • Wanyu Zhang


Teaching Citation

  • Abdallah Alsammani
  • Dalton Bidleman
  • Maria Onyido
  • Emmanuel Otubo
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