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Award-winning senior lecturer helps Auburn students build solid foundation in math

Published: 10/26/2020

By: Maria Gebhardt

Math can be a difficult and complex subject for students.

Jennifer Stone, a senior lecturer, isn't your typical teacher.

“Jennifer is known for her energy, infectious enthusiasm for the subject and genuine care for student learning,” explained Department of Mathematics and Statistics Chair Ash Abebe. “Her student teaching evaluations are full of phrases such as ‘by far the best teacher I have ever had’, ‘a tough teacher but the good kind of tough’ and ‘she wants us all to succeed’.”

Stone is a recipient of a 2020 Alumni Undergraduate Teaching Excellence award from Auburn University. She will be recognized at a special university ceremony on November 18.

“So many students come into my class with negative memories from their high school math experience,” Stone shared. “Nothing makes me happier than having those students tell me at the end of a semester how much they enjoyed my class and how much they have learned not only about math but about what they are capable of. It’s a great honor to receive this award and know that I’m making a difference in the lives of these students.”

In addition to teaching, Stone developed programs to help students get on the right path before they start their first-year at Auburn.

“Jennifer has created highly innovative pre-freshman programs including Get Set for Calculus to promote student success in our first-year math courses,” said Abebe.

The online course provided incoming students with the opportunity to review the fundamentals of calculus before taking the actual course.

“I am incredibly proud of the impact Jennifer has had on thousands of students at our university,” said Dean Nichols J. Giordano. “The Get Set for Calculus course, which had more than 150 students in its introductory year this past summer, helps students registered for calculus or business calculus review essential concepts with virtual help from tutors so more students can focus on advancing their skills during their first semester.”

Helping students is just one part of this award-winning senior lecturer’s responsibilities.

“Jennifer trains all first- and second-year graduate teaching assistants on pedagogical techniques to employ in their undergraduate teaching. This improves student learning in our lower-level math and stat courses while training the future generation of college mathematics educators,” Abebe shared.

Stone is known throughout the College of Sciences and Mathematics for making a difference.

“Jennifer is dedicated to our students, our Department and all of Auburn University,” Abebe added.

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