COSAM News Articles 2020 September Unlock Pivot funding and collaboration opportunities

Unlock Pivot funding and collaboration opportunities

Published: 09/08/2020

By: Maria Gebhardt

Are you missing out on funding and collaboration opportunities?

In this article:

  • Find out the benefits of using Pivot.
  • Learn how to claim your Pivot profile.
  • Check out additional resources.

Do you want other researchers to be able to easily discover you for potential collaborations? Do you want to increase the number of funding opportunities that you can consider, but don’t have the time to conduct more searches? Would you like to be able to save all of your searches in one convenient place? Do you want to learn about call for papers from conferences?

Auburn University subscribes to Pivot, your one central source to help researchers do even more.

Pivot will help you find federal and state government, corporate, foundation-based, and non-profit funding opportunities. With grants being more competitive, dive into Pivot to have potential matches emailed directly to you.

The first step is to claim your profile in Pivot. Visit Pivot and click on the institutional log-in credentials. This will give you the chance to use the Single Sign-On (SSO) option linked to the university. Enter the information requested, select Auburn University and create my account.

You need to use your Auburn University account domain. A verification email will be sent to you and then after you confirm you can claim your profile.

By having a profile in Pivot, you will increase the visibility of your research. Other researchers will be able to easily find you and you can connect with researchers around the world.

You will be able to continue to edit your profile and information about your role at the university, affiliations, research interests, publications, grants and patents.

You can also chose to allow another person to have access to update your profile, such as a lab coordinator, by selecting the Add a Proxy button.

The three most critical items that you should updated in your Pivot profile are the links, ORCID and keywords. Under the links section, you can add your lab’s website, faculty webpage and anything else that will help to share information about your research. ORCID is your research identifier and will help Pivot auto update citations to your profile. Finally, keywords are absolutely essential. There is no limit to the number of keywords you can enter. These keywords are directly mapped to funding opportunities and the more keywords your select, the more relevant funding alerts you will receive.

Another important benefit of claiming your profile, is that the scholarly profiles strengthen the overall university’s presence and aligns with the strategic plan.

You will begin receiving funding alerts via email. These alerts will show the grant, deadline and total dollar amount. You can browse through them or click on the See More Funding Matches button in the email and search for more. You can easily edit your email preferences as you like.

Instead of running the same searches over and over, Pivot saves your searches for you so you don’t waste time and you can even share these searches with your Pivot collaborators.

Major conferences also post calls for papers through Pivot. You will be able to review upcoming events and see if this is a good match for you or perhaps graduate students in your lab.

Next month, you will learn more about the searching power of Pivot.

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