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Message from Dean Giordano - September 2020

Published: 09/08/2020

By: Dean Giordano

To all COSAM faculty, staff, and students: 

As we approach the end of the first month of the fall semester, I am happy to report that we are gradually getting back to normal—a “new normal” for the campus.

COSAM faculty and staff have worked tremendously hard over the summer months to introduce new, creative ways to teach and maintain personal contact with our students. Now, our students can participate through in-person classes, gain valuable support through extended help sessions, and take home lab kits such as the one developed for this biochemistry experiment.

The Donald E. Davis Arboretum, which is usually blooming with flowers, is now full of professors and students engaging in courses from throughout the entire university. The arboretum’s pavilion is now much more than a porch. It has been transformed into a hands-on classroom where students gather in-person and also connect with others via Zoom discussing biology, geology, climatology, and an endless array of intriguing subjects.

The response from students has been strong. The enrollment for this semester builds confidence that our college is on track. Our unofficial numbers indicate an upwards direction (official numbers will be available in a few weeks).

COSAM continues to work on making an impact in many other ways.

Faculty and staff are creating virtual campus tours for prospective students, developing more needs-based scholarships, and finding additional ways to support our first-year students.

COSAM has also made significant changes to keep in touch with our alumni and friends. The virtual Leadership Council meetings have been very well attended and provide an opportunity to interact with more of our members, more frequently. Look for virtual tailgates this fall.

I am proud of each and every faculty and staff and the contributions they have made to supporting our students and their leadership in driving our college in forward in this challenging time.

Thank you for helping COSAM continue to be a solid foundation for our students to learn, grow, and succeed.



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