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COSAM Senior Prepares for Career Studying Infectious Diseases

Published: 06/09/2020

By: Carla Nelson

Auburn University senior Isabelle Swanner always knew she would attend school at Auburn. Both of her parents are Auburn graduates.

“It has always been my first choice when thinking about secondary education,” Isabelle shared.

Originally from Alabaster, Ala., Isabelle is studying medical laboratory science through the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM). She hopes to one day work for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“I am extremely interested in infectious diseases and they are the best in the nation in regards to that,” she explained.

During her time at Auburn, Isabelle has been heavily involved with the music department. She will soon begin her fourth year playing piccolo in the Auburn University Marching Band. She is also involved in Tau Beta Sigma, an honorary service sorority that serves college band programs.

“Music is a large part of my life and it is my way of having fun and being around other students,” Isabelle said.

Isabelle is thankful that COSAM has challenged her to do her best while also exposing her to new math and sciences that have helped her studies.

“The work we do is not easy, but it is necessary if we want to succeed,” she said. “I have learned that I have to work hard for the grades that I want.”

Because she has been so challenged by COSAM, Isabelle added that she feels prepared for the future.

“COSAM has prepared, and continues to prepare me for the next chapter of my life by constantly challenging me in all aspects of my school work,” she said. “By having classes that are cumulative, and that directly lead into more difficult classes, it forces me to retain the information I learn. By keeping all of this information in my mind, I can more efficiently understand the things I am learning and can challenge myself to do better.”

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