COSAM News Articles 2020 April Message from Dean Giordano - April 7, 2020

Message from Dean Giordano - April 7, 2020

Published: 04/07/2020

By: Dean Giordano

To all faculty, staff, and students in COSAM,

On Saturday, April 4, a shelter-in-place order went into effect ordered by the governor. Except for Samford Hall, buildings on campus will now be locked and you can only enter with your identification card where you have approved access.

Right now, our main goal is to help our students complete this spring semester. If you are currently working some of the time on campus and you feel safe doing this, you can continue to do so. If you are now working remotely from home, you can continue to do that too. There is no requirement to change your Auburn work routine as a result of the governor’s message.

During this time of social distancing, I wanted to share a story of how we can learn from each other.

Most of you know how much I adore my twin grandchildren who reside in Seattle.

Last week, one of my granddaughters gave my wife a cooking lesson via facetime. Our granddaughter went through a series of steps to teach her grandmother as they made baguettes “together”.

This short video interaction was not just a way to stay connected. It was more than that. It made me realize that as we are all trying to get more accomplished and deal with technology, we are learning from each other and giving each other hope to return to our normal routines, to our normal campus and more.

Auburn faculty are finding new ways to teach online and prepare students for their futures. We are seeking to work remotely and share files as well as ideas. We are trying to figure how to work together and not feel separate.

However, we cannot forget that among the importance of getting items checked off our lists, we need to appreciate the people who add value to our lives.

My wife could have easily advised our grandchild that she was perfectly capable of making a baguette and did not need instruction. Instead, she offered encouragement to share ideas and create an experience – as well as a wonderful memory.

If you do one thing new this week, be open to learning something new from someone you may not expect.

Your students, employees, or co-workers might just change your perspective and remind all of us that it is not a specific lesson plan, but the sincerity in someone’s heart that can make a difference to all of us.

Please continue to make a difference in COSAM. We are all going to get through this and return even stronger together.



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