COSAM News Articles 2020 April Message from Dean Giordano - April 17, 2020

Message from Dean Giordano - April 17, 2020

Published: 04/17/2020

By: Dean Giordano

To all faculty, staff, and students in COSAM,

It has been a full month since we began working remotely and communicating online. Through this new normal that we are living in, we have learned new ways to do things.

We now can offer our presentations easily recorded via Zoom and through Microsoft PowerPoint in the cloud, we have the added accessibility of real-time closed captioning.

We have also learned different online mediums and ways to communicate with each other and our students.

In an earlier message, I asked you to share your “At Home Moments” with me.

Neally Lewis, an instructor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, shared with me how her daughter Mollie made her a phone podium out of Lego® bricks. Now, she can participate separately and record video of herself working out the math problem because of the ingenuity of her daughter.

Katy Crider in the Office of Student Services sent me a photo of her “support staff” as she communicates with pre-health students. Her daughter Caroline and her golden retriever Maisy are helping her work remotely.

Katy also mentioned that because she has been home with her newborn daughter that she was able to see Caroline’s first laugh.

Josh Jones, director of COSAM IT, sent me a video of his dog Molly who is undergoing treatment for cancer. He is appreciative that he can spend time with her while he works.

Harrison Reeves, a COSAM student, with his fiancé, wrote letters to patients in the hospital who were in isolation reminding them that people care about them.

I truly hope that as you are working remotely each day, you appreciate your families and enjoy this time. I am glad that everyone is getting a chance to spend more time with their loved ones while balancing work responsibilities.

If you are finding ways to give back during this time like Harrison, I encourage you to share your story with me:



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