COSAM News Articles 2020 April Business Consultant Helps Students Navigate their Future

Business Consultant Helps Students Navigate their Future

Published: 04/28/2020

By: Maria Gebhardt

“I solve problems for my clients,” Josh Jarrell explained. “I find inconsistencies in sales data and apply conceptual solutions in customized ways to increase market share and price products correctly.”

Jarrell graduated from Auburn University with a degree in applied mathematics in 2005. He was named the Outstanding Junior by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in 2003. He also was recognized as part of USA Today’s All-Academic All-American team in 2005.

An outstanding student and athlete, Jarrell transferred to the Alabama National Guard from the Reserves, and completed the prestigious honor of becoming a Green Beret in the U.S. Army Special Forces. He has proudly served in four deployments.

With specific training in the Army Special Forces, Jarrell then earned his doctoral degree at Georgia Tech in biomechanics and physiology. Research for his thesis involved reducing skin infections as a result of skeletally anchored limb prostheses.

While at Georgia Tech, Jarrell was a National Science Foundation Scholar and Presidential Research Fellow.

In August 2018, he began working with McKinsey & Company, a managerial consulting firm with an office in Atlanta, Georgia.

Using his foundation in mathematics, Jarrell conducts rigorous analysis of data for clients to find areas for significant improvement.

He spoke at the 2020 SUCCEED Conference as part of a panel discussion.

“I directly apply both hard and soft skills that I learned as a student at Auburn University,” he added.

As an integrative consultant, Jarrell tailors his work based on each company’s specific situation.

“I did not know where my path would lead me,” he shared with the audience of both undergraduate and graduate students. “I stayed true to my values and believed in my abilities. You may not know where you will be in five, 10 or 20 years, but if you stay true to your values, you will find the right path.” 

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