COSAM News Articles 2019 November COSAM Graduation Marshal Balances Activities, Research, and Athletics with Goal to Make a Difference Internationally

COSAM Graduation Marshal Balances Activities, Research, and Athletics with Goal to Make a Difference Internationally

Published: 12/10/2019

By: Maria Gebhardt

For the Fall 2019 Graduation Marshal for the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM), Morgan Sisk was able to balance “all of the elements of Auburn” during her time here leaving her with unforgettable memories and skills applicable beyond the classroom.

The Huntsville-native biomedical sciences major is preparing to leave for Chile after graduation to teach English. She will be staying with a local host family during this time, so Morgan will get the most authentic cultural experience possible. Upon her return, she will begin medical school.

Morgan was actively involved in the Auburn Triathalon Team since she was a sophomore and made time to tutor students at Auburn’s Esperanza House. She also found a way to enjoy interesting hobbies such as playing the piano, cooking and even welding. She created a desk that she uses and art pieces using complex welding equipment. While she was in COSAM, she worked in the lab with Dr. Mark Liles.

“Dr. Liles cultivated my passion for research,” Morgan explained. “Learning how to approach problems in research and overcome logistical obstacles are skills that will carry on with me.”

She conducted planetary research with Dr. Liles.

“Morgan Sisk has been an extraordinary student in the classroom and in the laboratory,” shared Dr. Mark Liles. “She conducted microbiology research at Auburn University and at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. As a result of her work at NASA as a summer intern, she brought this research project back to Auburn which has led to a newly funded research grant of over a half a million dollars! Morgan will be the first author of a scientific manuscript describing her research on ways to prevent microbial contamination of the Europa Lander spacecraft, in the search for life on Jupiter’s moon Europa. She has exceeded all of my expectations for what I thought was possible for an undergraduate student. War Eagle!”

Morgan is seeking to combine her knowledge and international experience to work with Doctors without Borders.

“I am eager to serve internationally so that I can give back and make a difference in this world,” Morgan added.  

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