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COSAM Fraternity President Seeks Career as Surgeon

Published: 11/26/2019

By: Carla Nelson

Auburn University senior Davis Voecks wasn’t even considering touring his father’s Auburn University alma mater when choosing a college. This decision quickly changed during the Nashville, Tenn., native’s senior year of high school.

“It wasn’t on my radar at all,” Davis said of Auburn. “I toured everywhere up north, out west, Texas … finally my Dad asked me to at least check it out, so I spent a weekend here and absolutely fell in love with it. I pulled my applications from everywhere else and went straight here. It’s the place that I walked onto campus and felt at home. So I immediately came here, absolutely loved it and never looked back.”

Davis, who is on the pre-med track majoring in biomedical sciences with a minor in business, said he has always loved biology and is considering becoming a surgeon.

“I really like working with my hands, so surgery is really where I want to go into,” Davis shared. “So I’m considering general surgery residency and fellowship and later either trauma or reconstructive plastics, like burn victim units.”

Along with his studies, Davis is also president of the Lambda Chi fraternity, plays intramural soccer and volleyball, and is a COSAM Leader. Davis said acting as fraternity president has taught him a lot about leadership.

“It’s taught me how to manage a lot and how to make tough decisions, which I’m definitely going to need in the real world,” he said. “When I started it, I was definitely more of a people pleaser and I really just wanted everyone to like me. One thing I learned over my time as president is that it’s better to be respected than liked and that’s really stuck with me.”

Davis said after meeting outgoing COSAM Leaders last year, he knew it was a group he wanted to be part of.

“I feel like we are all very similar,” he said. “We are all very hardworking people. To be able to get that almost foot in the door, like talking with administration and everything, is really cool.”

After graduation, Davis plans to work as a medical scribe at a hospital in Nashville while applying to medical school. He said he has enjoyed his time as a COSAM student.

“The community in COSAM is something you never really see in other majors,” he shared. “Everyone is there to help each other. That community engagement between students has really been such a help and has made COSAM enjoyable.”


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